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OnSolve’s Emergency Alerting Solutions are used by organizations around the globe to communicate rapidly and accurately in a crisis or other situations where fast, accurate and secure communication is critical.


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The OnSolve Platform For Critical Event Management

Emergency Alerting for Today’s Businesses and Higher Education Organizations

Emergency alerting solutions enable organizations to communicate rapidly and effectively to ensure operations continue uninterrupted when unexpected events or emergencies arise. Whether your organization is public or private, large or small, delivering necessary information to the right audience at the right time is key to stakeholder safety and business continuity.

Emergency Alerting: How Fast Communication Leads to Successful Crisis Management

Today’s threat environment continues to grow in complexity.  Once a crisis is in motion, circumstances can change rapidly, creating additional challenges. All it takes is one simple cascading event for the whole scenario to go careening off track. Lack of reliable communication is often one of those precipitating events.

From operational updates to urgent alerts requiring immediate action, emergency notification solutions keep everyone connected and updated as situations unfold.

Nothing travels faster in the event of an emergency than a rumor, and few things are more dangerous than tidbits of information that contain a particle of truth. Employees and leadership can make poor decisions based on limited information or half-truths that are passed along with the very best of intentions. Avoid chaos by ensuring everyone gets the same accurate text alerts at the same time.

CodeRED from OnSolve

Emergency Alerting Specifically Developed for use by State and Local Governments, Public Safety and Emergency Management Agencies.

Agencies across the U.S. and Canada rely on the CodeRED emergency notification solution every day to send important messages and critical alerts to residents and staff.  The desktop interface and notification app provide the information people need to stay safe and protect property in a variety of unexpected situations.

Easy, powerful and reliable—The CodeRED solution provides an intuitive interface to record, send, and track personalized voice, email, and text alerts to residents and staff, serving as a critical part of emergency management response plans.

With CodeRED, emergency alerts can be sent to any combination of individuals and/or groups and sub-groups. Designated administrators can group contacts as desired, allowing for query-based alerts, targeting notifications by defined criteria or by geographic location.

From the CodeRED interface, authorized users can send IPAWS notifications.

Speed and Reliability
When seconds count, your agency can rely on the CodeRED high-speed community emergency alerting system.

The CodeRED system features advanced Esri-based mapping, allowing for the most precise emergency alerting via desktop or notification app.

Ease of use
CodeRED was designed to be easy to use under the most stressful conditions. The feature-rich interface has a simple three-step process to initiate emergency alerts. Alerts can also be sent via our robust notification app.

Evaluating Emergency Alerting Vendors

Emergency situations are unpredictable.  Your emergency alerting system shouldn’t be. It needs to have a robust infrastructure that assures maximum reliability with dispersed data centers and multiple redundancies for backup so that it is always available to launch phone, email, app, and text alerts when needed.

For providers, substantial investments in infrastructure are required to ensure maximum reliability, and all providers are not created equal in this area. OnSolve is the only partner that offers 100% guaranteed uptime service level agreements.

Remember as you’re evaluating notification systems to look for one that you can count on in an emergency.  That means it is reliably on-line and easy to use, with the ability to send AND receive messages to and from your entire contact database or any sub-set of it. Not all alerting systems are suited for emergency situations.  Make sure yours is by choosing notification solutions from OnSolve.