OnSolve® and Babel Street Partner to Provide Organizations with an Unprecedented View of Risk Across Numerous Languages

In a growing threat landscape, the OnSolve-Babel Street partnership offers more coverage across languages and event types than any other critical event management provider

ALPHARETTA, GA, May 16, 2023 – OnSolve, a leading critical event management provider that enables organizations to mitigate physical threats and remain agile when a crisis strikes, today announced its partnership with Babel Street, a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled data-to-knowledge company. With the partnership, Babel Street’s enriched publicly available data and linguistics technology will integrate into the OnSolve Platform, providing organizations with risk intelligence from sources gathered in the most common languages around the globe. Together, both companies will leverage AI to provide customers with a contextualized view of global risks, captured in multiple languages, filtered for relevancy and translated into English.

“In today’s increasingly complex and dynamic risk landscape, the need to better understand the potential ripple effect physical threats have on organizations and industries has never been greater or more challenging,” said Mark Herrington, CEO, OnSolve. “OnSolve detected up to 10 physical threats globally every minute in 2022. Our partnership with Babel Street, a leader in multilingual intelligence gathering, underscores our focus to aggressively increase global coverage and provide our customers with a complete view of risks to their people and operations, regardless of where they are located around the world.”

Babel Street will also integrate OnSolve’s risk intelligence into the Babel Street Insights Platform. With precise geospatial awareness and the ability to rank risks by severity and correlate them to assets, Babel Street customers will have access to a comprehensive, precise view of known and unknown physical threats and vulnerabilities, including geopolitical risk, supplier viability, extreme weather, power outages, loss prevention and more.

“As a leader in threat intelligence, identity and risk management, our mission is centered on keeping people safe by providing organizations with crucial insights and analysis, regardless of language,” said Michael Southworth, CEO, Babel Street. “The combination of Babel Street’s expertise in cross-lingual search and OnSolve’s AI-driven risk analysis empowers our customers with a comprehensive, location-specific view of threats to their teams and assets through a single pane of glass.”

In April, OnSolve released its annual 2023 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report, which found significant increases in three rising threats globally in 2022: infrastructure and technology failures (+688%), transportation accidents (+211%) and extreme weather (+72%).

In a world of evolving and dynamic risk, OnSolve continues to enhance the global coverage, speed and accuracy of the OnSolve Platform. To learn more about OnSolve, please visit: https://www.onsolve.com/platform-products/critical-event-management/



About Babel Street

Babel Street provides the most advanced threat intelligence, identity, and risk management platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial organizations. The AI-enabled platform helps them stay informed and improves around-the-clock decision-making. Teams are empowered to rapidly detect and collaborate on what matters in seconds by transforming massive amounts of multilingual, publicly available data into actionable insights so they can act with confidence. Babel Street is headquartered in the U.S. with offices near Washington, D.C. and Boston along with Tokyo, Tel Aviv, London, Canberra, and Ottawa. For more information, visit babelstreet.com.

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About OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading critical event management provider that proactively mitigates physical threats, allowing organizations to remain agile when a crisis strikes. Using the most trusted expertise and reliable AI-powered risk intelligence, critical communications and incident management technology, the OnSolve Platform enables enterprises, SMB organizations and all levels of government to detect, anticipate and mitigate physical threats that impact their people, places and property.

With billions of alerts sent annually and proven support for both the public and private sectors, OnSolve is used by thousands of entities to save lives, protect communities, safeguard critical infrastructure and enable agility for the organizations that power our economy. For more information, please visit www.onsolve.com.

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