OnSolve Continues AI and Machine Learning Advancements, Leading the Market in Global Safety and Resilience

Joined by top leaders in resilience at the 2023 Global Security Exchange and Disaster Recovery Journal Fall conferences, OnSolve showcases AI and Machine Learning advancements in Risk Intelligence and Travel Risk Management

ALPHARETTA, GA, September 12, 2023 - OnSolve®, a leading critical event management provider that enables organizations to mitigate physical threats and remain agile when a crisis strikes, showcases its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) advancements at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023 and Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Fall 2023 conferences. OnSolve will be demonstrating its critical event management capabilities in action at GSX (booth #1425) and DRJ Fall (booth #500).

Over the last six months, OnSolve has released groundbreaking capabilities to create a faster, more intelligent critical event management platform. Historical physical threat data and travel risk management, among other OnSolve Platform capabilities, will enable global business organizations, government agencies and their travelers to prepare for the next era of crisis management, while extending OnSolve’s traveler safety and protection footprint worldwide.

“Our goal is to lead the charge in transforming the world into a safer, more connected and resilient place,” said OnSolve Chief Executive Officer, Mark Herrington. “By leveraging our AI expertise in machine learning and natural language processing, we are making significant advancements in our industry that enable our customers and society to better protect their people and operations.”

OnSolve serves half of the Fortune 100 and nearly 40 percent of the Fortune 500. Providing services to nearly every country on the planet and successfully sending billions of alerts annually, OnSolve continues its rapid expansion across numerous industries including government, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and retail.

Key areas of investment in safety and security empower leaders in resilience to:

Gain a better understanding of risk exposure: A new product offering, Risk Insights, brings advanced risk-based historical reporting options and further enables customers to anticipate and mitigate physical threats to their people and operations. With this capability, security teams can view past, present and future threat intelligence to make strategic decisions, communicate with teams and keep C-suite leaders informed of potential crises.

Stay ahead of travel risks with AI-powered visibility: This month, OnSolve released an enhanced version of its Travel Risk Management (TRM) solution that improves an organization’s duty of care for employees travelling internationally and domestically. Organizations can make faster, smarter and better-informed decisions to reduce an employee’s threat exposure from one unified platform.

Receive intelligence from multi-lingual sources and expand event coverage: OnSolve provides organizations with the largest data set of physical risks since expanding its data sources to ingest over 30 different languages, including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French and more. With this groundbreaking linguistic expansion, customers receive more coverage across languages and event types than any other critical event management provider offers.

In a world of evolving dynamic risk, OnSolve continues to enhance its global coverage, speed and accuracy. And in August 2023, OnSolve announced the opening of its innovation center in Bengaluru, India. This­­ ­­expansion taps into the region’s vast talent and expertise in AI and ML to further OnSolve’s leadership in shaping a world where safety and resilience are at the forefront.

“More than ever, we're dedicated to leading the market through innovation and ensuring we continue to push the limits of what's possible with AI in the world of security and resilience," said Dustin Radtke, Chief Technology Officer, OnSolve. “Every day, OnSolve strives to fulfill its core mission of helping keep people stay safe and informed, and we're committed to unlocking the potential of AI to help our customers strengthen preparedness and thrive in an increasingly dynamic risk landscape.”

Today’s news comes simultaneously with OnSolve’s recognition in Security Today’s New Product of the Year Awards, awards that honor the outstanding product development and achievement of organizations whose products help to improve safety. Risk Insights received Platinum recognition for both Artificial Intelligence and Security and Risk Intelligence, highlighting OnSolve’s dedication to meeting the challenges security professionals face today, while anticipating the threats of tomorrow.

About OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading critical event management provider that proactively mitigates physical threats, allowing organizations to remain agile when a crisis strikes. Using the most trusted expertise and reliable AI-powered risk intelligence, critical communications and incident management technology, the OnSolve Platform enables enterprises, SMB organizations and all levels of government to detect, anticipate and mitigate physical threats that impact their people, places and property.

With billions of alerts sent annually and proven support for both the public and private sectors, OnSolve is used by thousands of entities to save lives, protect communities, safeguard critical infrastructure and enable agility for the organizations that power our economy. For more information, please visit www.onsolve.com.

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