OnSolve Supports Communities with COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Leading Critical Event Management Technology Provider Shares Critical Communications Guidance for Organizations Involved in the Management and Communication of Approved COVID-19 Vaccines

ALPHARETTA, GA, January 13, 2021 – OnSolve, a leading critical event management provider for enterprises, SMB organizations, and government entities, has proudly joined the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort, as public health authorities turn to its CodeRED product to communicate with citizens and first responders regarding vaccine availability and immunization logistics. The Coles County Health Department in Illinois, the Champaign Health District in Ohio, and the Town of Darien in Connecticut are among more than 200 communities to leverage CodeRED’s rapid, tailored critical communications capabilities and easy integration with other emergency management solutions for this vital public health imperative.

OnSolve has created a public advisory to help government officials at the local, state and federal levels, as well healthcare organizations, including hospitals, maximize their efforts to effectively and safely organize their COVID-19 vaccination effort.

“As COVID-19 vaccines are approved, rapid, targeted and easy-to-understand communications between public health officials and local citizens will be integral to successful immunization on a massive scale,” said OnSolve Vice President of Global Security Solutions Matt Bradley. “OnSolve is proud to have a role in this historic effort to fight back against the spread of COVID-19.”

OnSolve has seen a massive increase for critical communications and critical event management. The company hit two billion alerts in less than a year. Currently, nearly 200 communities are using OnSolve’s CodeRed to manage the sharing of information related to vaccine deployment and nearly 640,000 messages related to vaccine deployment have already been sent.

Most recently, Coles County Health Department in Charleston, Illinois, will use OnSolve’s CodeRED emergency notification solution to communicate critical information related to vaccine deployment in the area.

“Coles County Health Department will post any public immunization dates on our Facebook and website, as well as the newly acquired CodeRED, a public notification system,” officials shared. “We encourage all residents to enroll on CodeRED for the latest information regarding COVID-19, and other important news of relevance to the county.”

OnSolve projects its solutions will experience a rapid uptick in messages sent from the platform related to vaccine distribution during the next year. To help organizations better prepare to manage this complex and vital task, the company is advising public health decision makers to adhere to the following critical communications best practices:

1. Communicate before you execute.

Ensure you are continuously building your database of critical communications recipients by proactively sharing sign-up information via email, social media, press releases, and mentioning the solution during public hearings and forums. As people move away or into your area, having an accurate list of residents ensures the right people receive the right, targeted messages.

2. Encourage clear and concise dialogue.

Build a template for common communications with simple and clear messages that can be ready when needed. Leverage solutions’ two-way communications capabilities to engage citizens in a vital public health feedback loop. For example, check in with those scheduled for immunization before and after their appointments. This will help maximize the choreographed deployment for both rounds of vaccination and share if they are experiencing any notable side effects.

3. Proactively test and encourage participation.

Teams should test critical communications software regularly to ensure proficiency and that it works as expected, as well as educate recipients to expect and respond to alerts in near real-time. Fostering trust between sender and receiver is vital to the success of any critical communications framework, particularly in the context of public health imperatives.

4. Update your risk intelligence capabilities.

Immunization will take place during the winter season, when inclement weather can put further strain on local government teams to keep roads open and services running and operating. Try to mitigate the impact of these outside factors by complementing your critical communications infrastructure with AI-powered risk intelligence technology that can provide early warning of adverse events.

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