Business and organizations use the OnSolve critical communications Platform(s) (including MIR3 and SWN) to rapidly share important information with their employees, contractors, students, visitors, and customers. These alerts are related to internal business activity, critical business events, business continuity events, employee and public/employee safety awareness and disaster recovery for IT outages. Alerts can be sent via voice phone calls, emails, and text (SMS) messages to cell phones.

How it works

Contact information is uploaded to the OnSolve Platform by OnSolve customers through a secure automated HR data feed and/or self-registration process.

How to Opt-In to Receive Text (SMS) Messages

To receive text message alerts, contact the business/organization that will be sending you alerts to determine the SMS code the OnSolve platform will use. Then you can Opt-In by texting the word Start or Join to the SMS code(s) (24639, 54292, 36475, 79098 or 12092604395) from your cell phone. When OnSolve receives this Start or Join text message, we will “Opt-In” your cell phone to receive text alerts and send a confirmation to your cell phone by text. If your cell phone number is associated with one or more organizations using the OnSolve platform, you will be “Opted-In” to all calling lists that contain your number. If your preference is to receive text messages for only some, but not all, of these organizations, contact the OnSolve support team at the number below.

Standard message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. OnSolve and the wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undeliverable messages.

How to Opt-Out of Receiving Text (SMS) Messages

If you would like to stop receiving text messages, you can Opt-Out by texting the word Stop, End, Quit, Cancel or Unsubscribe to SMS code (24639, 54292, 36475, 79098 or 12092604395) from your cell phone or by simply replying to an alert Stop, End, Quit, Cancel or Unsubscribe. Text messages will be disabled to your number on all calling list that contain your number.  You can opt-in again at any time by texting Start or Join to applicable SMS code (24639, 54292, 36475, 79098 or 12092604395).

If you choose to Opt-Out of receiving text messaging, you will continue to receive voice phone calls to your cell phone unless you are removed from the system.

OnSolve Support

For further information on our Text Message Notification program or our other messaging services, please call 833-391-1911

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