The same powerful flexibility on a new platform.

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OnSolve offers advanced capabilities designed to help you achieve successful outcomes during a crisis.

Our goal is to help you deliver confidence during critical events with:

  • Speed: Provide faster response with actionable intelligence
  • Relevance: Make informed decisions with relevant information
  • Usability: Activate response anywhere with a user-friendly interface

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OnSolve Commissioned Forrester Report Cover. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Failure to Plan Is Planning to Fail

Are organizations prepared to proactively identify and manage risk? We asked Forrester Consulting to find out. They conducted a global survey of respondents responsible for their organizations’ risk, security, business continuity, incident management, crisis management, safety or critical event management response—and the results were surprising.

The same powerful flexibility on a new platform.

Communicate efficiently

  • Quickly define key audiences, develop clear messages or reuse templates and distribute information securely.

Tailor messages to devices

  • Device-specific capabilities make it easy to tailor messages and responses to recipient devices with character limitations.

Poll and track responses with full audit trail

  • Gather data using simple surveys with yes/no options and personalize text responses.

How Does It Work?

OnSolve Alerting Service (Formerly MIR3)

Businesses of all sizes, operating both globally and domestically, have more-and-more complicated operations and mobile employees than ever before. MIR3 is used by departments ranging from business continuity, IT, security, operations and HR.

Control access and security
Define hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions to grant or restrict user access to recipient groups, notification templates and other features.

Geographical Information Service (GIS)
Targets alerts by location in the case of regional threats or evacuations.

Use notification placeholders
Simple dropdown or text fields requested at initiation alter the notification message based on selections.

MIR3 Mobile, Now Part of OnSolve

Send critical alerts to recipients and get the feedback you need any time via your iPhone® or Android® mobile device. Utilizing mobile data networks and Wi-Fi, your employees will receive alerts even if they don’t have coverage through local providers.

Engage in two-way communication
Add response options to allow recipients to engage and receive valuable feedback.

Initiate instant conference calls
Allow recipients to join a conference by pressing a key on their phones to share information, make urgent decisions and coordinate response efforts.

Improve employee safety and accountability
With features like SOS and LookOut, employees are better protected during critical situations.

Enhanced Business Continuity through Integration

Integrating MIR3 notification technology with existing business and IT applications allows organizations to improve business processes and streamline communication through automation.

Add notification to internal systems
Integrate notifications with your existing systems by using the API or command line option.

Adopt pre-built integrations
Use the Kinetic Data® platform to fine-tune interactions between various ITSM tools and MIR3.

Maintain data integrity
Automatically update your master database to ensure contact information is always up to date and in sync with critical systems (BC tools, badging systems, etc.)

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