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Aberdeen Report: Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Critical Event Management

Are you prepared to thrive in the face of a crisis?

In new research from Aberdeen, 61% of businesses say they didn’t receive the right information about an incident until it was too late to take action.

This report will bring you up to speed on the challenges large enterprises and remote organizations face when a crisis strikes. Without critical event management (CEM) in place, it can be a challenge to handle a disruption. In fact, did you know that businesses without a CEM System are 55% more likely to take over 24 hours to resolve a critical event?

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What are the most common types of critical events for large enterprises
  • Which challenges stand in the way of fast action
  • How AI-enabled modern CEM can help you protect people, places and property

Download the report to learn how modern CEM can help you strengthening the resilience of your entire organization.

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