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Adapting for Resilience: Understanding Developing Trends in Physical Threats and the Ripple Effect of Risks

The 2023 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report is out, and our risk intelligence data reveals up to 10 physical threats can occur every minute. According to the recently launched report, an analysis of more than nine million global events over the last two years shows alarming increases in crises related to infrastructure and technology failures, transportation accidents and extreme weather.

These critical events are costly, growing in frequency and more interconnected than ever. Understanding the ripple effect of these dynamic risks across an organization is one of the biggest challenges facing risk and resilience professionals today. Another challenge: making a proactive approach to risk planning, mitigation and response a C-level conversation. Despite a renewed sense of urgency around rising physical threats, our data reveals most organizations remain unprepared.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The three critically rising threats (in the U.S. and globally) according to OnSolve data
  • How business leaders we surveyed are approaching risk mitigation and crisis response
  • 3 steps to help prioritize proactive crisis mitigation and ownership with leadership

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