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Emergency Alerting 101: How to be Successful with IPAWS Alerts

IPAWS is one of the most powerful tools to help government officials keep their communities informed and safe. Yet a majority of authorized users did not send a single IPAWS alert in 2022.

Is it possible that fear is now the great “de-motivator” when it comes to sending these potentially life-saving alerts?

If you’ve ever been nervous pressing “send” on an alert or felt overwhelmed as to where to start, watch this webinar recording as we go back-to-basics. Whether you’ve had IPAWS for years or
are a newbie (or both!), IPAWS technology is always changing and we should always be open to learning. During our panel, emergency alerting experts discussed:

  • Why we're all still students of IPAWS technology -- and that's OK
  • The most common problems related to IPAWS alerts -- from errors to inaction
  • The anatomy of an IPAWS alert -- what to include (and what to avoid) when crafting your message
  • Best practices for IPAWS training and testing so you can send alerts with confidence

Expert Panel:

Eddie Bertola, Founder of Bertola Advisory Services - Panelist

Don Hall, Government Relations Director, OnSolve - Panelist

Troy Harper, Director of Government Strategy, OnSolve - Moderator

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