Building a Proactive and Resilient Organization with the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management

Businesses are increasingly dispersed and complex, with more mobile employees and assets than ever before. It’s complicated to pinpoint and respond to events that threaten your people, places, assets and operations and to protect what matters most – quickly, accurately and reliably.

You need a full suite of purpose-built solutions – not only for your organization to remain competitive but also to survive. Our four-part webinar series on critical event management will provide insights into how your organization can make it happen.

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9/30/2020 – 45 min

Part 1: Critical Event Management Overview

In today’s world, organizations need to quickly and accurately identify adverse events; analyze the risks posed by those incidents without human intervention; rapidly communicate to key stakeholders; and activate response teams overseeing incident management. By breaking critical event management into three distinct functions – risk intelligence, communications and incident management – you can minimize the impact on your people, assets and business operations. In this session, learn more about how a business can manage critical events in today’s dynamic environment.

9/23/2020 - 30 min

Part 2: AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

For a business to thrive, an organization needs instant visibility into what’s happening throughout the world and how critical events impact the things that matter to them. This actionable intelligence is critical in helping companies make informed decisions – leading to better outcomes. Every day, there are nearly 300,000 critical events around the world, trying to sift through and absorb all that information, to understand what’s relevant and how it impacts your organization is an impossible task for analysts to handle. However, with the use of artificial intelligence, your business can quickly identify, isolate, and understand relevant events. During this webinar, you will learn how to effectively improve the speed, coverage, and accuracy at which you gain pertinent information to strengthen your communications and assist through every step of the critical event management cycle.

10/7/2020 – 30 min

Part 3: Advanced Critical Communications Capabilities

Businesses are increasingly dispersed and complex, with more mobile employees and assets than ever before. This complicates things when an important message needs to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people using a range of mobile devices. Doing business globally increases the risk of interruptions from severe weather, political unrest or even terrorist attack, making communication all the more important. Mass notification and collaboration is an essential element of emergency response and business continuity planning, keeping companies on track and coordinated during any type of critical event. During this webinar we will outline what type of questions you should ask to ensure the communication needs of your company will be met even during the most critical of events.

10/14/2020 – 20 min

Part 4: Enhanced Incident Management

Crisis response is all about shortening the time between an event occurring and our ability to respond to managing the precious time that the event allows a business. In this session you will learn how you can reinvent crisis response with revolutionary simplicity, wherever you are and whenever you need. Whether you need all hands-on board in response to a full crisis, seamless coordination of a targeted team, or consistent compliance and performance for standard procedures and “everyday” emergencies, we will show you how to best manage the precious moments available to you to manage a crisis and minimize potentially disastrous outcomes, such as loss of life and business assets and brand defamation.

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