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From Report to Alert in 2 Minutes—OnSolve Risk Intelligence Empowers Analysts with AI

Protecting people, places and property is one of an organization’s biggest responsibilities. No head of security wants to miss something significant.

But before you can act, you must be aware — not only of the critical event that is taking place, but also of its potential impact to your organization. Human analysts are getting buried by data, and their job — staying on top of critical events, anticipating their impacts and responding effectively — is becoming nearly impossible to do.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why a common approach to collecting data creates more problems than it solves
  • How risk intelligence uses machine learning to perform task-based analysis, freeing analysts to focus on proactive evaluation and response
  • The benefits of intelligence you can act on with confidence—and without hesitation

Download the ebook

Download the ebook

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