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Plan Forward by Looking Back: How Historical Threat Data Can Strengthen Your Resilience Strategy into 2024

Knowing what’s happened in the past can help organizations, agencies and businesses better anticipate threats and protect their people and operations in the future. But getting relevant, accurate data when you need it to make strategic decisions is challenging. OnSolve recently introduced Risk Insights, a historical reporting solution that helps identify critical event trends to inform continuity planning and better manage risk exposure.

In this on-demand webinar, OnSolve’s Ann Pickren, Executive Vice President of Strategic Engagement, Chris Hurst, Vice President of Value Engineering, and Troy Harper, Director of Government Strategy, discuss how to leverage historical risk data in real-world use cases to make more informed decisions from the perspectives of security, business continuity and emergency management leaders.

Our panel of experts will:

  • Share why organizations should analyze historical risk data.
  • Discuss common challenges in getting the right data to make informed decisions.
  • Demonstrate how Risk Insights can improve location strategy and facility management, threat and vulnerability assessments, resource allocation planning and more.

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