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Product Demo: See One Call Now in Action!

Every day, we’re bombarded by thousands of messages. It’s no wonder people miss important deadlines, meetings and events. How can you stand out among the noise and get your audience to take the action you want? The answer is simple: One Call Now, the mass notification system from OnSolve.

During this on demand demo, we’ll show you how One Call Now lets you quickly and effectively communicate with all your stakeholders. Send announcements and deadline reminders to your staff. Organize quick polls. Instantly deliver alerts about severe weather and other critical events. All with just a few clicks.

You’ll learn how One Call Now:

  • Simplifies creating messages with easy-to-edit templates
  • Automates and targets notifications to specific contacts or groups
  • Sends alerts in multiple formats (e.g. text, email, voice)
  • Presents analytics including a record of who received your message
  • And much, much more

One Call Now is so fast and simple to deploy and easy to use, you’ll be sending out messages to your stakeholders in no time. Join us and discover why thousands of businesses, schools, churches and nonprofits rely on One Call Now for all their mass notification needs.

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