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Spring Storms: A Simulation Exercise for Tornado Preparedness

Tornado Alley is swirling towards Dixie Ally, and every year, tornadoes and their consequences become more frequent and severe. Organizations must assess their preparedness for tornadoes and how they can protect their people and property.

In this on-demand tornado simulation exercise, you’ll learn critical components of hosting an exercise and preparedness planning for tornadoes, such as:

  • Strategic Framework: Gain insights into designing and executing tailored tornado and simulation exercises for your unique security challenges.
  • Timely Intelligence: Discover the vital role of timely and accurate intelligence in enhancing your emergency response capabilities.
  • Proactive Documentation: Learn the significance of proactively documenting event information to improve post-event analysis and future readiness.
  • Rapid Communication: Uncover the necessity of establishing efficient internal and external communication channels for swift response and coordination.

Watch On-Demand Webinar

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