Critical Event Management and Mass Notification

Solutions for every critical event management scenario to protect people and property

Whether critical events impacting public safety or business operations are man  made or natural, ensuring all stakeholders have the most current information available is often the most important factor in effectively managing every situation. OnSolve offers the most comprehensive set of mass notification and alerting solutions for public and private organizations of every size in virtually any industry.

Every Industry has Unique Notification and Alerting Needs

Whether it’s an oil and gas producer experiencing problems at a processing facility or a manufacturing firm trying to avoid interruptions in the supply chain, every industry has unique operating requirements and events that can impact operations. In order to ensure continuity of operations, as well as employee and public safety, every organization needs the ability to easily and effectively share critical information.

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Organizations of Every Size Need to Share Critical Information

In addition to specific industry requirements, different size businesses and government agencies serve specific groups that need access to a variety of different types of information. Whether your organization is a Federal , State or Local agency, large Enterprise  or a Small- to Medium-sized Business, OnSolve provides the notification and alerting capabilities needed for each organization type.


Complete Critical Event Management for the Enterprise

MIR3 is the most full featured, reliable Critical Event Management solution available for ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery regardless of the type of event impacting an organization. Whether an event is man made, a natural disaster, or something complete unforeseen having the latest information and responses from individuals impacted is often the key to safely and effectively resolving the situation.

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Mass Notification and Alerting for Any Business

Small- and medium-sized businesses often have much more rapidly moving, dynamic environments that require specialized critical event management functionality. In order to ensure these rapidly evolving businesses continue to function smoothly, employees, partners, customers, and more all require access to the latest details and information as quickly as possible.

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Advanced Mass Notification and Alerting for Public Safety and Awareness

State and local government agencies are faced with one of the most diverse, distributed audiences possible in the event that a man made or natural disaster occurs that threatens lives and property.

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