Emergency Management Software for Chemical Producers

Manage critical events and communication inside the plant and across local communities with alerting for chemical manufacturing

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High-Risk Environments Require Business Continuity and Human Safety Measures

Chemical manufacturing and processing have an impact on every business and home throughout the world, making the safe and reliable manufacturing and supply of these critical building blocks essential to global commerce. Any situation that causes an interruption in the chemical manufacturing process must be addressed immediately to minimize disruptions in the global supply chain and to help ensure the safety of the public at all times.

Mass notification and critical communication solutions for chemical facilities from OnSolve ensure both internal and external audiences have the information needed to make fast, effective decisions when a natural or human-made event impacts the operations of chemical manufacturers of any size.

Examples of how OnSolve solutions can ensure operational continuity and safety include:

  • Coordinate alerts and onsite dispatch for workplace accidents.
  • Send push notifications and alerts onto the work floor where employees may not have access to a phone or computer.
  • Track employee accountability and communicate with your global workforce in the local language.

The sophisticated facilities and processes needed to meet the ever-growing demand for chemical products expose manufacturers to a broader range of risks than companies in many other industries. This heightened risk makes mass notification and critical communication solutions essential to ensuring business continuity, as well as the safety and security of employees and the public.

Notification Solutions and Alerting for Chemical Manufacturing

OnSolve enables chemical producers to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Address disruptions and safety events immediately by sending alerts to all devices simultaneously, receive responses back and track the results.
  • Distribute pre-constructed alerts around product and ingredient delays to help manage the chemical supply chain.
  • Manage internal communications and control system access through enhanced hierarchical, role-based permissions and subdivisions.
  • Mobilize hazardous materials teams in the event of a chemical spill or other industrial accident.
  • Trigger emergency communication plans, as well as evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions.
  • Initiate call cascading to one person or a group, allowing responses and automation with a larger reach for greater control in managing situations.

Case Study

OnSolve Helps a Major Oil Refinery Stay Operationally Resilient

Large refineries throughout Texas continuously face the threat of hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather events. These situations can cause accidents and damage at production facilities, while also threatening the safety of employees and their families. Explore how a large independent refinery near San Antonio, Texas uses OnSolve to manage these critical events.

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