Notifications Optimized for Consulting and Professional Services

Keeping open communication with employees, customers, and business partners

Global, Enhanced Communication and Security

In this increasingly global business environment, more organizations are using consulting and professional service companies to access a level of talent they are unable to find or afford among their own staff. Communication is key to properly managing a large, complex group of resources, making high-speed notifications can help keep projects on track and teams in sync.

For secure, global mass communication capabilities, consulting companies of all size turn to Send Word Now and MIR3. These solutions help keep global workforces safe through almost any type of even while also keeping projects on track and on budget.

The consulting and professional services sector in the US includes approximately 900,000 firms and employs over 8.6 million Americans. As the nature of consulting services continues to become increasingly mobile with consultants working all over the world, it is important that consulting companies have clear emergency communication plans and related tools.

Creating a Culture of Preparedness

A wide range of resources and tools are available to help any organization create a culture of preparedness where people come to rely on regular updates and notifications from key members of a project. The following resource shares details about how any consulting and professional services company can establish a notification program around solutions such as MIR3 and Send Word Now.

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Streamlined Communication Features for Consultants

  • Automated weather or event alerts, triggering a notification to consultants in areas subject to extreme weather.
  • Leverage geographical information service (GIS) to targets alerts to consultants by location in the case of regional threats or evacuations.
  • Simple, complete contact management through integrations and web-based portals.
  • Secure, two-way communication to share information and receive direct feedback from recipients.
  • Scheduled messages and alerts for specific project awareness and updates.

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