Safety and Security in Schools Through Mass Notification

Keeping students, faculty, parents, and employees safe with critical information about any event

Inform and Protect Through Any Event

Today, the horrible reality is that education institutions of all types face a wide range of potential threats from an active shooter on campus to weather delays and cancellations. One of the key tools in helping keep people safe throughout these events is dedicated, emergency communication tools capable of sharing facts with the right audience anytime, anywhere. Through the Send Word Now and MIR3 solutions from OnSolve, administrators, government agencies, or emergency responders can send accurate information and warnings securely and reliably to help save lives and resolve events faster.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology from OnSolve enriches critical communication programs serving school campuses – no matter the scale or size of the institution involved. Through the MIR3 and Send Word Now solutions, OnSolve is a dedicated partner providing the functionality you need and the managed services to support your institutions ongoing safety and awareness efforts. Get the power, problem resolution and peace of mind you need when executing communications for physical and campus security.

University of Pennsylvania and MIR3

The University of Pennsylvania relies on MIR3 for the mass notification tools needed to keep students, faculty, and others informed throughout any critical event. By sending messages directly to more than 50,000 individuals, issues can be more effectively managed, ensuring key stakeholders remain safe and aware at all times.

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Critical Capabilities in the OnSolve Solutions

  • Outbound status updates and inbound message boards.
  • Manage all notifications from one interface.
  • Notification of recipients through virtually any device.
  • Audience segmentation by department, role, school year, student status, location, and more.
  • Automation of severe weather alerts based on National Weather Service bulletins.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan activation.
  • Templated and pre-planned notification scenarios for rapid alert launch.
  • Manage messages across a single campus or campuses throughout an entire state.

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