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Communications and Public Safety through Campus Mass Notification Software

Today, the challenging and challenging reality is that educational institutions of all types face a wide range of potential threats from an active shooter on campus to widespread pandemics, to weather delays and cancellations. One of the key factors in helping keep people stay safe throughout these events is rapid response, dedicated, critical event notification platforms capable of sharing facts with key stakeholders anytime, anywhere. Through critical event and mass notification solutions for schools from OnSolve, campus safety, school administrators and faculty and emergency responders can send accurate information and warnings securely and reliably to help save lives and resolve events faster.

There are many critical event communication use cases for educational institutions, spanning emergency notification, interruptions and delays, situational awareness, repair and facilities team notifications and student and community engagement. Get the power, problem resolution and peace of mind you need to ensure proactive communication and public safety for physical and campus security.

Leveraging OnSolve Critical Event Communications for School Safety, Security, and Engagement

OnSolve enables educational institutions to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Alert students and staff of threats in the immediate area to follow instructions to shelter-in-place, take caution or evacuate.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with routine updates to students, staff and family during critical events unfolding at the university or school or nearby threats.
  • Address weather delays and safety events immediately by sending alerts to all devices simultaneously, receive responses and track the results.
  • Create and manage notifications from one single interface while targeting specific groups of people segmented by department, role, school year, student status, location and more.
  • Use internally for business continuity and disaster recovery plan activation, with a full audit trail for accountability tracking and asset maintenance.
  • Send templated notifications about planned closures and events while also building inbound message boards for people to contact for the most up-to-date information.
  • Automate severe weather alerts based on National Weather Service® bulletins.
  • Communicate across a single campus or several campuses throughout an entire state or country
2020 Secure Campus Awards

OnSolve Awarded Two Platinum 2020 Secure Campus Awards

OnSolve was recently awarded two platinum 2020 Secure Campus Awards from Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine. OnSolve received the Platinum Award for Cloud Solutions & Services and its MIR3 solution was given the Platinum Award for Security & Personal Safety Smartphone Applications.

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Case Study

University of Pennsylvania and MIR3

The University of Pennsylvania relies on MIR3 for the mass notification solutions needed to keep students, faculty, and others informed throughout any critical event. By sending messages directly to more than 50,000 individuals, issues can be more effectively managed, ensuring key stakeholders remain safe and aware at all times.

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