Critical Communications Enable Business Continuity for Energy and Utility Companies

Leveraging notification solutions for energy companies to help protect facilities and employees

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Increasing Service, Awareness, and Continuity in the Office and the Field

Energy and utility providers have complicated networks and systems to manage the capture and distribution of gasoline and diesel fuel, oil, natural gas, coal, metals, and electricity. Along with managing these power sources, suppliers have a large commitment to public safety, environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Through critical event and mass notification solutions for energy facilities from OnSolve, companies of all sizes across the energy industry send critical notifications and alerts that keep key stakeholders informed and safe through any event. Whether a situation involves a predictable weather event, an unexpected natural disaster or a facility failure like an explosion or spill, these solutions are needed to provide instructions and updates for anyone impacted. Key notification use cases include accidents, closures, repairs, outages and billing.

Energy and utility companies are a critical part of any country’s infrastructure and economy covering sectors from petroleum refining to natural resource extraction and power generation. In addition, the sector is rapidly expanding to include renewable energy and sustainable options like hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power and a variety of alternative fuels. Because of the critical role, these organizations play in any region, complete plans business continuity plans that incorporate integrated disaster response workflow with mass notification solutions are a crucial part of your organization’s planning, safety, and communication strategies.

Critical Communication Solutions for Energy Companies

OnSolve enables the energy industry to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Alert customers, local businesses and municipalities in the event
    of an accident, spill or service outage – whether planned or unplanned, with routine updates.
  • Address disruptions and safety events immediately by sending alerts to all devices simultaneously, receive responses and track the results.
  • Notify employees of weather-related interruptions, facility closures and when needed, after-hours for emergency needs.
  • Organize and direct internal operations staff for the maintenance of power lines and related machinery.
  • Send reminders to customers when their next bill is due or when
    it is time to switch our or upgrade electrical equipment.
  • Rapidly create and send notifications from your mobile device during urgent situations such as alerting suppliers when supply and demand issues occur.
  • Mobilize response, cleanup and repair crews when issues occur such as equipment or facility failure.
  • Streamline operations with automated notification and alerting.
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Case Study

Leading Independent Refinery Leverages OnSolve

Providing emergency response and team mobilization during critical events

A leading independent refinery in San Antonio, TX, uses OnSolve to send critical information to more than 6,000 employees across 18 states when any event that impacts operations or employee safety occurs. Focusing on communicating clearly and effectively when meaningful events occur, has helped the company to meet the fuel transportation needs of companies throughout the western United States for more than 45 years.

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