Government Agencies Protect Residents with Notification Solutions

Send messages quickly and reliably to residents and stakeholders during crisis

Deliver Mass Notifications and Emergency Alerts

Communication is essential both within government agencies, as well as with the public, businesses, media, and others at the state, local or federal agencies. Whether it’s a bomb threat at a government or public facility, a weather event that threatens lives and property, the outbreak of an infectious disease or even a prisoner escaped from a correctional facility, the public relies on solutions like CodeRED, Send Word Now and MIR3 to quickly and reliably share information.

The OnSolve tools are high-availability, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, available 24/7/365 to maximize the reach of our clients throughout their jurisdiction(s). Using these solutions, agencies at all levels can easily launch alerts to employees, residents, local businesses and other key stakeholders. Messages can be delivered using voice, text, email, RSS feeds, IPAWS, desktop pop-ups, push notifications, website widgets, social media and more.

Trusted by Thousands of State and Local Agencies

CodeRED from OnSolve is the premier mass notification and emergency alerting solution for state and local governments. OnSolve has thousands of stories that demonstrate the scale and effectiveness of CodeRED, covering a tremendous range of use cases and opportunities for a mass notification and alerting tool to play the critical role in the protection of lives and property.

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Alerting and Notification for the Largest Federal Agencies

Through Send Word Now and MIR3, federal agencies of all types are able to provide the information and instructions needed by the public through both predictable and unexpected events. These solutions offer the most reliable, easy-to-use emergency and mass notification capabilities, along with complete response collection and reporting to improve overall emergency response and critical event management.

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Features for Government Agencies at all Levels

  • A single interface to manage all notifications and audiences.
  • Broadcast information about any type of event that impacts the public or other audiences.
  • Target personnel in segmented lists by level of clearance, role, location, and more.
  • Infrastructure to support communities of any sizes
  • Technological infrastructure to provide clients with the highest levels of security and speed.
  • Automated severe weather alerts that notify civilians in the projected storm’s path.
  • Agency evacuation plan and emergency management plan activation.
  • Activate and manage emergency responders to resolve severe man-made or natural disasters.

Resources to get you started

Product Sheets

Explore our products and best practices to find right fit for you to keep your organization communicating.

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Success Stories

Learn how your peers have used OnSolve products to create an effective communication plan.

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Explore real-world use cases from clients who have seen OnSolve products make a difference in their organization.

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