World-Class Emergency Communication and Mass Notifications Solutions for Government Agencies

At the Federal, State, County and City/Municipality levels, millions of employees and residents rely on OnSolve’s government critical event solutions to quickly and reliably communicate during emergencies

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Crisis Management Systems: When Every Minute Counts

Efficient, targeted, critical communication is essential between government agencies at all levels, as well as directly with the public, businesses, media, and others. Hundreds of government entities rely on critical event communication and mass notifications from OnSolve to quickly and reliably share essential information. Agencies today are using our solution in situations such as bomb threats at a government or public facility, a weather event that threatens lives and property, the outbreak of infectious disease, or a prisoner escaped from a correctional facility.

OnSolve delivers a high-availability, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built for reliability and scale. With OnSolve, agencies can easily launch simultaneous alerts to employees, residents, local businesses and other key stakeholders with multi-modal delivery options including landline, cellular, email, text, social media, mobile applicationsIPAWS, RSS feeds and more.

The public places their ultimate trust on the ability of government agencies to meet their needs, provide security and help them recover. Across government emergency notification systems, personnel tracking, workplace interruptions, inter- and intra-agency cross-departmental efforts, and community and employee engagement, ensuring employees, emergency management, government officials, and the public have accurate information throughout the entire process helps improve the effectiveness of government efforts and the outcome of recoveries.

Capabilities for Government Agencies to Preserve and Protect

OnSolve enables government agencies to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Deliver internal communications to agency staff regarding office closures due to weather or other situations through a government mass communication system.
  • Broadcast critical alerts about any type of event that impacts public safety via phone, email, SMS, IPAWS, social media and more.
  • Launch notifications directly from your tablet or smartphone while in the field.
  • Notify employees, residents, visitors and businesses of critical events, severe weather or maintenance issues.
  • Collaborate across various departments such as police, fire and other emergency services all from one single interface with government emergency communication solutions.
  • Send notifications and reminders about events, program changes, or registration and participation deadlines.
  • Target personnel in segmented lists by the level of clearance, role, location, and more.
  • Automate severe weather alerts that notify civilians potentially in the projected storm’s path.
  • Activate and manage emergency responders to resolve severe human-made or natural disasters, while using two-way messaging to account for personnel.
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Case Study

OnSolve Mass Notification Assists During Boston Marathon Attack

Less than 30 minutes after two bombs struck near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, multiple agencies within the Boston area utilized the scalable, reliable capabilities of OnSolve to quickly send critical communications to both runners and the public.

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