Secure and Reliable Mass Notification Sofware for Healthcare Organizations

Ensure employees, business and community partners and other stakeholders within the healthcare system have the information they need, precisely when they need it.

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Updates and Alerts for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals across Business Continuity, Security and Human Resources

Whether it is a small local practice or a large hospital system, OnSolve patient notification software and hospital mass notification solutions enable healthcare companies of all sizes to share critical information with key stakeholder groups rapidly.

Healthcare organizations can benefit from use cases, including emergency staff notifications, offsite workforce management, on-call notifications, ecosystem situational awareness, virtual tours and escorts, and patient reminders. These capabilities enhance your patient and visitor experience while protecting staff and enabling operational efficiency.

Meet Duty of Care for Employees and Provide for the Safety of Vulnerable Populations

OnSolve enables healthcare facilities to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Notify medical staff to fill or cancel shifts, reach on-call staff, and assign roles to those available or contact after-hours in an emergency with medical mass communication software.
  • Send reminders to patients and family members regarding upcoming appoints and prescription refills through patient notification systems.
  • Alert nearby hospitals and governments of critical events that cause traumas, lock downs and public health issues.
  • Target personnel by department, role, call shift, schedule and more.
  • Implement safety protocols in response to a dangerous situation like an impending natural disaster, bomb threat, active shooter and more.
  • Inform employees of infectious disease outbreaks, medical lockdown, evacuation, missing patients and more without compromising patient privacy using emergency staff notifications.
  • Provide employees with annual or recurring certification or training reminders to ensure facilities stay compliant.
  • Engage in two-way communication to get the feedback needed to mobilize response teams, and protect patients and staff.
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Case Study

Battling Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Keeping Residents Safe

A key and high-risk segment of property management are senior living communities. Residents are often older, have increased care needs, and require more frequent communication and engagement. During illness seasons or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining safety and security is time-sensitive and mission-critical. Learn how Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services leverages OnSolve to provide key updates anywhere, anytime to keep residents safe and informed.

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