Improving Communications and Continuity Throughout the Hospitality Industry

Create seamless customer experiences by communicating quickly with employees and visitors

Internal and External Stakeholder Awareness

Companies in the hospitality industry range from casinos, hotels and resorts, to concerts, amusement parks and more. In each of these segments, tools like Send Word Now and MIR3 are used to communicate things like reservation details, weather events that may impact visitors, or even the sudden closure of a property or other location to ensure everyone has the information needed to plan their travel and stay accordingly.

For companies in the hospitality and entertainment industries, customer satisfaction drives referrals and return visits that are critical to growing revenue and being successful in the long term. To help ensure customers are satisfied, companies need tools like MIR3 and Send Word Now to communicate clearly and reliably through all types of devices with a very broad audience.

Mass Notifications for Entertainment and Hospitality

Whether it’s a casino experiencing issues with surveillance equipment that requires immediate support or the need to notify staff of closures due to flooding or fire, companies in hospitality and entertainment need the most reliable mass notification solution available. Hospitality businesses of every size leverage Send Word Now and MIR3 address every type of event, whether it was expected or not.

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Specialized Features for Unique Hospitality Needs

  • Send guests by room phone and cell to direct them if hotel operations are disrupted or if an evacuation is needed.
  • Send emergency alerts to security teams to direct them in crowd control and managing external threats.
  • Automated notification to provide entertainment suggestions, directions, tips for added comfort and traffic or weather alerts over the course of multiple-day-long event.
  • Locate staff using mass notification that can reach them on devices that include desk phone, cell phone, email, SMS, Blackberry and more.
  • Manage staffing with automated notification that considers on-premise and on-call schedules.
  • Receive responses by voice or by written message, with responses displayed in real-time, as well as archived.

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