Ensure Business Continuity with Critical Communication Solutions for Hospitality Properties

Mitigate the impact of business disruptions, protect people and assets, and preserve customer experience during unforeseen events with hospitality business continuity solutions.

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Protecting Guests and Employees While Delivering Great Customer Experience

Companies in the hospitality industry range from hotels and resorts to casinos and amusement parks. Communication centers around employee and guest safety, as well as superior customer service and experience. Companies leverage OnSolve for critical notifications spanning reservation details, inclement weather, operational closures, flood or fire, infectious disease, or other safety information. These notifications ensure guests and employees have the information they need to stay safe, healthy, and operationally respond.

Specialized Features for Unique Hospitality Needs

OnSolve enables the hospitality industry to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Target guests by room phone and cell to direct them if hotel operations are disrupted or if an evacuation is needed with guest mass communication solutions.
  • Send emergency alerts to security teams to direct them in crowd control and managing external threats.
  • Automate notification to provide entertainment suggestions, directions, tips for added comfort and traffic or weather alerts throughout multiple-day-long events using guest notification software.
  • Locate staff using hotel mass notification solutions that can reach them on devices that include desk phone, cell phone, email, SMS, Blackberry and more.
  • Manage staffing with automated notification that considers on-premise and on-call schedules.
  • Receive responses by voice or by written message, with answers displayed in real-time, as well as archived.
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Case Study

Extended Stay America Helps Build Employee Engagement with Corporate Initiatives

New company initiatives caused leadership teams to realize communication needed to be open between the corporate office and property-level associates. OnSolve was quickly implemented to assist with messaging, creating sub-groups to allow specific targeting and voice alerts directly from their CEO to add branding personality and drive engagement.

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