Streamline Business Continuity and Communication Plans for Information Technology Companies

Communicate efficiently for optimal system availability

Send critical notifications quickly and easily with OnSolve

An efficient information technology function is critical to any business, ensuring minimal downtime and effective operations in order to drive long-term growth and success. Many IT organizations improve up time with advanced notification software integrated with IT service management (ITSM) and network management systems (NMS). Using the MIR3 and Send Word Now notification solutions, IT organizations of every size and scope can incorporate more effective incident management and clear communications.

IT Services continue to be one of the most rapidly growing segments of the global economy because of the impact of these resources on business productivity and revenue. Unlike other industries, IT services is knowledge-based, requiring a skilled labor force and an always-on, always-available infrastructure. Through the Send Word Now and MIR3 tools, IT companies and organizations have all of the functionality needed to align resources and rapidly resolve issues with critical business systems.

Effective notification platform for IT management

IT departments have unique communication needs because every moment of lag or downtime has an impact on the bottom line. In order to avoid excessive downtime, the OnSolve communication tools keep essential personnel informed during an outage or other event.

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Features for IT Service Providers

  • Keep networks up and running with automated notifications when outages occur.
  • Alert all on-duty staff with a cascading call, stopping as soon as a person with the requisite skills responds.
  • Easily initiate a conference call to discuss amelioration plans and avert a system interruption.
  • Improve network up time by contacting on-call staff through a variety of tools including email, fax, SMS, landline, cell phone and more.
  • Track IT help desk ticket activity and work with a wide range of team members using powerful, real-time reports.
  • Quickly launch an alert via Web, email or phone; use templates or create new notifications and recipient groups in seconds.

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