Rapid Crisis Communication Solutions and Emergency Notification System for Law Enforcement

Keeping officers, first responders, residents and property safe during dynamically unfolding crisis situations

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When Seconds Make All the Difference

Law enforcement and first responders are on the front line of public safety in our local communities. The number of threats that create emergency and crisis management situations continues to rise, making rapid response, integrated and coordinated communication and notification critical in almost every community. From violence and terrorism to severe weather and road closures, threats and risks increase the need for law enforcement agencies to deploy OnSolve mass notification solutions for robust, reliable, and streamlined communications. When every moment can impact situations ranging from the abduction of a child to an active shooter in a public location, law enforcement agencies rely on OnSolve for critical event communications.

Committed to Helping Those Who Protect and Serve

OnSolve enables law enforcement to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Activate emergency response teams by sending alerts to all devices simultaneously, receive responses and track the results using emergency alert software for law enforcement.
  • Create and launch new or pre-defined alerts directly from a mobile device while in the field.
  • Send alerts with emergency alert solutions for law enforcement regarding missing and endangered children, missing elderly, evacuation notices, lockdown advisories or neighborhood crime alerts.
  • Target and alert residents and safety officials of dangerous situations with a geo-targeted mapping interface while initiating safety protocols quickly. 
  • Maintain crisis management plans with pre-created notification scenarios that allow for rapid deployment using police and first responder mass notification solutions.
  • Distribute detailed updates and instructions in any situation, safeguarding the public whenever possible.
  • Implement damage assessments across departments and locations after an event occurs.
  • Launch messages via telephone or any device connected to the internet, from anywhere at any time and reach virtually any device such as phone, email, SMS, IPAWS, social media and more. 
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Case Study

Prescott Police Department Manages Wildfires with OnSolve

A raging wildfire in Yarnell, AZ burned more than 600 acres, threatening lives and property. Using the Yavapai County Sheriff’s OnSolve CodeRED account, the Prescott Police Department managed the flow of information and instructions to help minimize loss of life.

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