Secure Mass Notification System for Law Firms

Maintain confidence and communication with reliable notification solutions for law firms

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Managing Mobile, Distributed, High-Value Workforces

For law firms and legal services companies, their intellectual property and revenue streams are their people. With increasingly mobile and geographically distributed workforces, scalable and secure notification solutions play a critical role in enabling law firms to communicate with employees, facilitate multi-national client work and protect their operations.

Critical event communication and mass notification technology are essential for preserving both revenue and reputation while keeping your valuable personnel as safe as possible. It is used in situations from protecting your attorneys and operations staff from acts of violence, safeguarding assets and offices during strong, inclement weather, or implementing business continuity and disaster recovery measures from cybersecurity and other information security threats.

Critical Event Use Cases for Law Firms

OnSolve enables law firms to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Deliver desktop alerts by sending messages to either a person or segmented by role, department, law office location and more.
  • Use call cascading to send an alert to one attorney or group, and based on the response, automate broader alerts with alerting software for law firms.
  • Quickly launch an alert via Web, email or phone; use pre-defined templates to speed response time. 
  • Deliver internal communications to staff regarding office closures due to weather or other situations to improve business continuity for legal practices.
  • Rely on notification during times of peak activity when other systems may be overloaded.
  • Activate an evacuation if a bomb or other threat is called into busy legal offices.
  • Automate weather or event alerts, triggering a notification for human safety as well as business interruptions, such as IT outages.
  • Engage in secure, two-way communication to share information and receive direct feedback from recipients by leveraging a mass communication system for legal services companies.
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Three Ways Notification Technology Can Improve Law Firm Communications

Today’s innovative notification system technology is playing a critical role in helping law firms domestically and globally bridge the critical event communication gap. In particular, law firms can benefit from notification system services in three mission-critical ways, including:

  • Inclement Weather Events
  • Lockdowns and Evacuations
  • IT Alerts and Cyber Threats

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