Reliable Mass Communication Services for Business Continuity in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Comply with safety regulations requiring protocols for employee well-being and business continuity, while mitigating supply chain risk

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Ensure Worker Safety and Supply Chain Continuity

The manufacturing industry relies on a calculated and reliable flow in production to function properly and efficiently. From producing and packaging goods, to effectively managing distribution costs and delivery, providing information delivery on any device and in every medium, is critical. Key use cases for critical event communication and supply chain continuity solutions span accident notification, global workforce management, warehouse alerts, machinery repair notifications, and logistics/freight tracking.

Manufacturers also require solutions that enable them to focus on their customers while seamlessly maintaining production levels and profitability. The complexity of managing a just-in-time, global supply chain adds additional risk to deliver a product to market due to transportation delays, strikes, embargoes, plant/facility fires, political unrest, terrorism, and natural disasters. A reliable, secure, and fully-integrated critical event and notification solution can have a significant impact on the health and reputation of your business.

Value-Added Use Cases: Critical Event Notifications for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

OnSolve enables manufacturing and supply chain industry to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Use mass notification services for manufacturing facilities to alert employees and response teams of accidents within the warehouse, machinery breakdowns, scheduled repairs, industry compliance requirements like open enrollment, quarterly meeting notices, safety drills and training sessions.
  • Enable specific, high-priority suppliers the limited ability to launch a rapid, multi-modal notification to key stakeholders as soon as disruption occurs, ensuring contingency plans are enacted as early as possible.
  • Use supply chain continuity solutions to integrate notification services into the company’s centralized inventory system, generating automatic alerts when certain thresholds are met or minimum quantities are reached.
  • Leverage secure collaboration and hosted conference capabilities for situation assessment in response to supply chain breaks.
  • Initiate internal and external updates to any audience to avoid start-time delays, supply chain disruptions, workplace accidents, product recalls, and more.
  • Track in-house and third-party logistics to ensure smooth movement throughout the supply chain.
  • Communicate with company retail stores or other resellers to convey delays or instructions to end customers via phone call, email or SMS message.
  • Trigger notifications about shift management, cancellations, and callbacks based on production, supply workloads and employee absences from one single interface with manufacturing employee mass notification software.
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Efficient and Secure Business Operations

Manufacturers turn to OnSolve notify employees and the public if situations such as a security breach or warehouse accident occur. In addition to threats to people and property, these businesses must manage these events successfully to avoid production and distribution delays that result in potential lost revenue and reputation risk.