Notification Tools Deliver Significant Value to Non-Profit Organizations

Communicating effectively with global volunteers through every type of event

Global Security and Awareness Anytime, Anywhere

Nonprofits represent one of the largest employer segments in the country, covering a wide variety of sub-sectors, from health, education, social and legal, to civic and environmental advocacy and more. The areas in which nonprofits strives to assist others often involve security threats and other risks, which often require the use of solutions like Send Word Now and MIR3.

The MIR3 and Send Word Now products from OnSolve meet the communication requirements of any philanthropic organization by delivering actionable information to any audience on any device. OnSolve is a dedicated partner providing the functionality needed to address any notification scenario requirements within your organization.

Salvation Army of Greater New York

When Hurricane Sandy devastated areas across the Northeast United States, a huge humanitarian and recovery effort was needed. Through Send Word Now, The Salvation Army of Greater New York could easily communicate with key groups to complete damage assessments, organize temporary shelters for thousands of individuals, and begin the process of helping individuals rebuild homes and return to their normal lives.

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Key Features for Global Nonprofits

  • Real-time alerts can be automatically distributed to defined field personnel and volunteers.
  • Notify volunteers of filled or canceled shifts, additional opportunities, meeting locations, reminders for mandatory training, informational meetings and more
  • Schedule notifications to volunteers with annual or recurring certification or training reminders to ensure your organization remains compliant
  • Target personnel by location, team, role, volunteer schedule and more to accurately reach the volunteers who need to receive the alert
  • System security through multiple tiers of computer-generated pass codes, PINs and launch codes with no third parties involved.
  • Send notifications directly from a tablet or smart phone using the OnSolve applications.
  • Keep donors informed with campaign goals, updates, additional opportunities, events and more.

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