Scalable Mass Notification System for Non-Profit Organizations to Support Their Missions

With limited resources and budgets, non-profit organizations can amplify efforts while protecting volunteers through large-scale or unplanned events

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Protecting Those Who Work for a Greater Good

Non-profits represent one of the largest employer segments in the country, covering a wide variety of sub-sectors, from health, education, social and legal, to civic and environmental advocacy and more. The areas in which non-profits strive to assist others often involve security threats and other risks, with volunteers and personnel geographically distributed and often operating from mobile devices to achieve their purpose and mission.

OnSolve’s secure, reliable, and scalable software meets the requirements of any non-profit organization by delivering simultaneous, actionable information to workers, volunteers, staff and headquarters across landline, cell, mobile devices, and applications, SMS, email and other means.

Critical Communications for Non-Profit Organizations

OnSolve enables non-profit organizations to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Automatically distribute real-time, time-sensitive alerts to defined field personnel and volunteers using critical event communications for non-profit organizations.
  • Leverage emergency notifications for non-profit organizations to notify volunteers of filled or canceled shifts, additional opportunities, meeting locations, reminders for mandatory training, informational meetings and more.
  • Schedule notifications to volunteers with annual or recurring certification or training reminders to ensure your organization remains compliant.
  • Use a secure system with multiple tiers of computer-generated passcodes, PINs and launch codes with no third parties involved.
  • Send notifications directly from a tablet or smartphone using the OnSolve applications.
  • Keep donors informed with campaign goals, updates, additional opportunities, events and more.
  • Target personnel by location, team, role, volunteer schedule and more to accurately reach the volunteers who need to receive the alert using alerting software for non-profit organizations.
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Case Study

OnSolve Supports the Salvation Army of Greater New York for Hurricane Relief and Recovery

When Hurricane Sandy devastated areas across the Northeast United States, a huge humanitarian and recovery effort was needed. Through OnSolve, The Salvation Army of Greater New York could easily communicate with key groups to complete damage assessments, organize temporary shelters for thousands of individuals, and begin the process of helping individuals rebuild homes and return to their normal lives.

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