Optimizing Notifications for Professional Services

Global, Enhanced Communication and Security

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Keep Global Workforces Safe

For secure, global mass communication capabilities, professional service companies leverage OnSolve’s many systems. These notification systems keep global workforces safe through nearly any type of event while also keeping projects and budgets in line.

As the nature of professional services continues to become increasingly mobile, it is important that professional service companies have clear emergency communication plans and notification systems.

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Keep projects on track and teams in sync

In this increasingly global business environment, more organizations are using professional service companies to diversify their talent pool. Communication is key to properly managing a large, complex group of resources. Making high-speed notifications can help keep projects on track and teams in sync.

Reliably send messages
OnSolve is a SaaS solution with a complete web-based interface.
Manage contact information
Managing contact information is simple through a self-registration and management portal.
Use geo-location
Target notifications to only the regions impacted by a specific event.

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