Communication Tools for Real Estate and Property Management

Notification solutions help keep agents informed and safe

Updating Real Estate Staff and Clients

The real estate industry involves the selling, leasing or renting of property, land, buildings, and sometimes even the air space above and under a property. Notification technology tools enable realtors and property managers to rapidly address issues ranging from safety and security to meeting confirmations and reminders impacting both customers, partners and colleagues.

When a buyer is poised to make a purchase, or when a property is ready to be put on the market, it’s important that realtors act quickly to avoid missing sales opportunities. To do this, communication between realtors, brokers and even clients must be swift and meaningful. The best way to achieve that end is advanced communication solutions like Send Word Now and MIR3 from OnSolve.

Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services

Another area of the real estate industry that has critical communication needs is companies that manage living facilities or other housing projects. To maintain a high quality of life and overall care for retired residents, Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services leverages Send Word Now to provide key updates anywhere, anytime.

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Real Estate and Facilities Management Features

  • Alert agents when a piece of property enters the market.
  • Communicate with customers that may be looking for a specific type of property when a new option is available.
  • Keep agents and customers aware of severe weather that could impact viewing or access of remote properties/
  • Alert agents with a cascading call flow; the automated notification cycles through top agents, stopping as soon as a person with the requested skills responds.
  • Reach buyers or simultaneously by mobile phone, SMS, landline, email, pager, BlackBerry Messenger, fax, RSS, TTY or any IP-enabled communication device.
  • Capture responses by voice or by written message to improve property knowledge or situational awareness.

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