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Property management communication solutions and notification solutions for agents, residents, and the front office

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Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Agency Communication Solutions

Property managers have to balance residents’ safety and security with customer service and community engagement. Communication and proactive notifications are key, spanning emergency notifications, maintenance issues, on-call management requests, repair team notifications, and engaging residents for community-building activities.

In real estate, properties and transactions move fast. When a buyer is poised to make a purchase, or when a property is ready to be put on the market, realtors must act quickly to avoid missing sales opportunities. To do this, communication between realtors, brokers and even clients must be rapid and contain the necessary detail for the process to move forward and decisions to be made. Leveraging critical notification solutions from OnSolve drives superior client experience and revenue.

Leverage Multimodal Notification to Keep Business Growing, Tenants Safe, and Communities Engaged

OnSolve enables the real estate and property management industry to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Leverage mass communication solutions for property management to inform community members via phone, email, SMS and more regarding onsite activities and events, emergencies that require immediate action and outages or maintenance issues.
  • Organize and direct internal operations staff for asset maintenance, such as community swimming pools, playgrounds, or front gates using staff alerting and notification solutions.
  • Provide on-call scheduling management for shift fulfillment and identify coverage gaps before they occur.
  • Alert agents with a cascading call flow; the automated notification cycles through top agents, stopping as soon as a person with the requested skills responds.
  • Reach buyers or simultaneously by mobile phone, SMS, landline, email, RSS, TTY or any IP-enabled communication device.
  • Automate severe weather and civil emergency alerts that could impact viewing or access of remote properties with critical communications software for real estate agencies.
  • Capture responses by voice or written message to improve property knowledge, situational awareness and employee accountability. 
  • Communicate directly with customers that may be looking for a specific type of property when a new option is available.
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Case Study

Battling COVID-19 and Keeping Residents Safe at Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services

A key and high-risk segment of property management are senior living communities. Residents are often older, have increased care needs, and require more frequent communication and engagement. During illness seasons or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining safety and security is time-sensitive and mission-critical. Learn how Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services leverages OnSolve to provide key updates anywhere, anytime to keep residents safe and informed.

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