Mass Notification System for Technology, Media and Telecommunications Companies

Communicate rapidly and efficiently for optimal system availability with critical communication solutions for TMT firms.

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Maintain Networks and Connect with Customers through OnSolve

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) firms and conglomerates have complex operating environments and large, distributed workforces serving customers. Powering all of these enterprises is a robust Information Technology infrastructure that is essential to any business. OnSolve facilitates improved uptime with advanced notification software integrated with IT service management (ITSM) and network management systems (NMS) to keep the backbone of TMT firms secure and running smoothly.

Specifically, TMT companies can benefit from critical event notification capabilities across key use cases, including network outage notifications, remote employee tracking, customer service management, maintenance reminders and billing reminders.

Feature-rich, Scalable, and Reliable Critical Event Notifications for TMT Firms

OnSolve enables technology, media and telecommunications companies to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Quickly launch an alert via Web, email or phone; use templates or create new notifications and recipient groups in seconds using mass notification software for telecom companies.
  • Notify employees and maintenance teams of location-centric network outages, while tracking remote employees in the field with critical event notifications for telecom companies.
  • Remind customers of scheduled network maintenance, in-home service appointments, billing reminders, renewals and more by leveraging a mass notification system for TMT companies.
  • Communicate with and track the location of remote workers such as those who work on mobile towers.
  • Alert all on-duty staff with a cascading call, stopping as soon as a person with the requisite skills responds.
  • Improve network uptime by contacting on-call staff through a variety of tools, including email, fax, SMS, landline, cell phone and more.
  • Track IT help desk ticket activity and work with a wide range of team members using powerful, real-time reports.
  • Initiate a conference call to discuss amelioration plans and minimize downtime or avoid system disruption.
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Effective notification platform for IT management

IT departments have unique communication needs because every moment of lag or downtime has an impact on the bottom line. In order to avoid excessive downtime, OnSolve critical event notification solutions keep essential personnel informed during an outage or other event.

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