Critical Communication Technology for Transportation Providers

Manage unplanned situations and complex transportation lines through effective communication

Moving Products and Supplies with Greater Awareness

Transportation companies encompass everything that moves people or goods from one point to another, from commuter train systems, to airliners, and even truck fleets. This massive industry needs notification and communication solutions like MIR3 and Send Word Now to maintain alignment between staff, employees, and stakeholders.

Send Word Now and MIR3 from OnSolve connect transportation companies with any audience through telephone, text, email and more. Authorized users can create and schedule pre-created routine messages, such as payment reminders, and can automatically disseminate critical communications during severe weather conditions that may affect travel times. Real-time reports provide detailed insights about who receives the notification, at what time and how they responded.

Top Airlines Turn to MIR3

Two of the largest airlines in the United States rely on MIR3 to keep internal departments aligned and coordinated. Through clear communication with automated alerts when possible, keeps systems running smoothly, customers informed, and every audience aware through any type of event.

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Communication Functionality for Transportation

  • Distribute alerts related to severe weather, facility closures, travel cancellations, company policy changes, workplace accident precautions, and other important information.
  • Receive feedback from any stakeholder through written and verbal communications.
  • Trigger business continuity, disaster recover, and critical event management plans.
  • Issue situational updates and notifications to impacted staff and stakeholders.
  • Target and alert necessary personnel of dangerous situations with a geo-targeted mapping interface while initiating safety protocols quickly.
  • Implement damage assessments across departments, freights and locations after an event occurs.

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