Critical Event Communication Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Manage unplanned situations and complex transportation lines through effective operational, safety communication and emergency alerting for transportation organizations.

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Protecting the People and Operations of the Transportation Industry

Transportation companies encompass everything that moves people or goods from one point to another, from railways to airlines to cargo truck fleets. This massive industry is the backbone of our country’s ability to conduct business, fuel tourism and visit loved ones. At the hub of making those connections happen is critical event communication driving efficient operations and maintenance, ensuring flights or trains are made by delayed passengers, delivering a positive customer experience when making reservations or gaining the comfort that your bag has made it safely on-board.

OnSolve connects transportation companies with their key stakeholders through landline, cell, SMS text, mobile applications, email and more. Authorized users can create and schedule pre-created routine messages, such as route updates and schedule changes. They can automatically disseminate critical communications during severe weather conditions that may affect travel times or safety. Real-time reports provide detailed insights about who receives the notification, at what time and how they responded.

Providing for the Unique Needs of the Transportation Industry

OnSolve enables the transportation industry to streamline communication without sacrificing security:

  • Leveraging transportation mass notification solutions to distribute alerts related to severe weather, facility closures, travel cancellations, company policy changes, workplace accident precautions, and other relevant information.
  • Receive feedback from any stakeholder through written and verbal communications using operational communication systems for transportation organizations.
  • Use emergency alerting for transportation organizations to activate business continuity, disaster recover, and critical event management plans and issue situational updates and notifications to impacted staff and stakeholders.
  • Target and alert necessary personnel of dangerous situations with a geo-targeted mapping interface while initiating safety protocols quickly.
  • Implement damage assessments across departments, freights and locations after an event occurs.
  • Broadcast information to customers, employees and stakeholders regarding airline, bus line and other transportation delays.
  • Keep travelers aware of interruptions due to severe weather or power outages. 
  • Notify transportation workers of changes or issues, no matter where they are located by reaching them on phone, email, SMS, desktop and more.
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Case Study

Top Global Airlines Turn to OnSolve

Two of the largest airlines in the United States rely on OnSolve critical communication and notification capabilities to keep internal departments aligned and coordinated. Through automated alerts, see how operations run more smoothly, customers stay proactively informed, and key stakeholders are prepared and informed through any type of event.

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