Federal Government Agencies Require Critical Communication Solutions

Send emergency communications across multiple agencies, departments, and jurisdictions

Protect and serve with a reliable mass communication system

At the federal level, agencies are continuously working to improve and protect the lives of every citizen. The government has a vast range of functions that must be coordinated to serve citizens and operate at the federal efforts efficiently. To keep such a large and complex organization running smoothly, mass notification tools like MIR3 and Send Word Now from OnSolve must be used to send fast, reliable, and secure messages in a variety of languages to any device.

For many man-made and natural events, the level of coordination for disaster response and recovery can be incredibly complex. The public places their complete trust and expectations on the ability of federal agencies to meet their needs and help ensure property is rebuilt and lives are returned to normal whenever possible. Ensuring people have accurate information throughout the entire process or event always helps improve the effectiveness of federal efforts and the outcome of recovery projects.

NASA Avoids Critical Delays with OnSolve

The Office of Space Flight at NASA must coordinate an unbelievable complex set of variables to safely conduct space flight operations. Complete, reliable communication and alerting among every key audience is necessary to coordinate these activities and deliver on mission objectives. Explore how NASA leverages alerting solutions from OnSolve See how a powerful and reliable emergency notification system provides the secure communication that is critical in avoiding computing delays and in solving critical network events affecting NASA’s Office of Space Flight.

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State, local and federal agencies all bear tremendous responsibility for public safety and awareness. In many cases the ability to communicate effectively in order to manage resources becomes the vital component in any crisis management plan.

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Aerospace and Defense

With so many moving pieces, the aerospace and defense industries must coordinate extremely complex projects that often have a significant impact on a variety of national interests. A high-speed mass notification solution has the ability to bridge cross-departmental communications and protect the vast number of men and women who work on these complex projects

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Critical Features for Federal Agencies

  • Deliver messages through every mode available including phone, fax, SMS, landline, email, cell phone and more.
  • Provide complete system access and security using hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions.
  • Recipient management of communication, with the ability for administrators to override those preferences,
  • Collect critical information and additional details through recipient responses.
  • Automate severe weather or event alerts; subscribe to regional weather alerts, triggering a notification when warranted.
  • Leverage the Geographical Information Service (GIS) to target alerts by location in the case of regional threats or evacuations.
  • Import data from existing applications or through direct integration with other contact management solutions.

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