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Critical Alerts Straight To Your Phone

With the CodeRED Mobile Alert app – the nation’s most downloaded public safety notification app – OnSolve enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their mobile device whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country.

These mobile push notifications deliver relevant, location-based alerts based on GPS location to ensure you receive critical information when you are in a CodeRED client’s jurisdiction.

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CodeRED Mobile Alert App Benefits

OnSolve Checked Box Icon Free download – Protects residents and visitors traveling across CodeRED communities
OnSolve Checked Box Icon Customized user experience – Subscribers choose the types of alerts they wish to receive
OnSolve Checked Box Icon Detailed notifications – Messages can include text and/or audio and feature a map with location of the warning area
OnSolve Checked Box Icon Simple interface – Ad-free, easy-to-use interactive map with color-coded icons, available on iOS and Android devices
OnSolve Checked Box Icon Customizable settings – Optional audible hands-free driving, establish personal warning radius, and view optional weather feeds

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