DataSync: Advanced Data Integration

Easily integrate systems and update your mass notification database

Master data management with DataSync

What happens if your database is out of date or incomplete and you need to reach people with an important message? You’ll end up notifying some that are no longer part of the organization, calling devices that no longer exist, and potentially missing the recipients you really want to alert. This wastes valuable time, effort and money.

DataSync provides the solution

Datasync automatically integrates your master database on a schedule that you designate, ensuring that contact information is always current when you need to send a message. It provides an easy-to-use, effective, and affordable way to integrate remote data sources and applications, and it’s fault tolerant so you can be sure your configuration and data files are backed up daily.

  • Automatically sync your corporate database
  • Automatically update data, maintaining data integrity
  • Flexibly configure default values
  • Easily customize your database
  • Guard your data with secure FTP and data encryption
  • Automate contact data import from a Flat File (.csv), LDAP or other legacy sources
  • Choose to maintain data behind a corporate firewall, or allow teams to securely host it offsite

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DataSync – Delivery Options

Hosted DataSync

  • The software is hosted on a secure MIR3 server, with no installation or maintenance required on your part
  • Data files are sent to MIR3 via a secure FTP connection
  • Log files are emailed to you after each DataSync session
Installed DataSync
  • The master data management software is installed on your server
  • DataSync updates the Intelligent Notification platform via Web services
  • Log files are available on your server