Event and Weather Alerting for Enterprises and Federal Agencies

Automated alert triggers send information based on weather service forecasts

Automated weather event alerting

Event Alerting works with CAP-compliant (Common Alerting Protocol) data feeds, and can trigger alerts to individuals and groups in geographic areas that you specify. Event Alerting delivers automatic notifications through MIR3 to selected users. Alerts can be sent to a variety of devices, and no matter how large or widespread the audience, alerts will be delivered to all in just moments.

Event Alerting allows you to:

  • Browse current alert activity, filtering by category keywords, attributes or region.
  • Select geographical areas of interest
  • Choose attributes for events, including severity, urgency, certainty, and more
  • Limit alert overload with optional keywords based on event headlines
  • Launch notifications automatically when alert criteria match an event
  • Show all existing subscriptions on a single page for easy access
  • Quickly locate and review recent matching alerts on a map
  • Automatically fill in notification variables with information from the alert

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