OnSolve MIR3 Mobile App

Send and receive alerts with a tap of your fingertips

We recently released an update of our MIR3 Recipient app which introduces new innovative features for alert Initiators.

The new name?  The OnSolve MIR3 Mobile App!

In urgent situations, the ability to communicate quickly with personnel is essential. But in the mobile world we live in, how do you reach a geographically dispersed organization quickly? The OnSolve MIR3 mobile app was designed to do just that.  It allows rapid two-way communication during a critical event, regardless of the location of the sender or message recipients.

OnSolve MIR3 is a companion app provided to every MIR3 customer for their users to download on their iOS or Android devices as a convenient way to send, receive and store alerts.

OnSolve MIR3 Empowers Communication:

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • IT Alerting and Response
  • Public Safety Threats
  • Enterprise-wide Communications
  • On-demand Conference Calls

Benefits that Matter

Built with a traveling workforce in mind.

  • Securely self-authenticate mobile app access without a username or password by requesting a verification code via text message or email.
  • Receive alerts based on your geographical location. Employees can voluntarily check into their location and receive the alert if they’re in the affected area.
  • Analyze real-time message delivery reports to see who has received the alert, and who hasn’t.

Initiator Features

  • Create new alerts or edit and resend existing ones directly from your mobile device.
  • Send alerts in multiple languages.
  • Add response options to allow recipients to engage in two-way communication.
  • Record an alert through device’s microphone and save it for immediate or scheduled delivery.

Recipient Features

  • Join a conference call in one touch.
  • Respond to an alert for faster communication.
  • Store messages for quick retrieval and future referencing.
  • Enable push notifications for immediate message delivery.

Empower your organization with simple tools

We encourage all MIR3 users to download the OnSolve MIR3 mobile app.

How to Download:

  1. Visit our OnSolve MIR3 Mobile App download page or visit the Google Play or Apple Store and search for “OnSolve MIR3” to download for free onto your smartphone.
  2. Request a one-time verification code to be sent to you via text message or email. You will use this code to access OnSolve MIR3.
  3. Enable push notifications to ensure you will be notified the moment an alert is sent.

Don’t have a MIR3 account? Contact us for more information.