Quick Alert Mass Notification Technology

Simplified, web-based process makes it easy for anyone, even the occasional user, to initiate notifications quickly and reliably

Simple notification technology for less complex scenarios

Unexpected interruptions can happen at any time and don’t always fall into regular workday schedules. Events like a power outage, severe storm, or possible threat need to be communicated quickly, even if a trained administrator is not available to send the notification. To prepare for such a situation, your organization needs a simplified method of initiating notifications for those who only send alerts occasionally.


Quick Alert provides the ideal solution with a straightforward, web-based, single-page user interface for creating and launching notifications quickly and easily. It is designed to make it easy for someone who is unfamiliar with sending a notification to do so quickly, effectively, and reliably.

Quick Alert provides:

  • A hosted, customizable Web-based interface to suit your organization
  • A single-page interface to ensure quick notification creation and initiation for the infrequent user
  • A secure login and authentication process that lets users manage their own passwords, while complying with corporate security guidelines
  • Configurable data validation and required fields that are tailored to reduce human error.
  • Customized help text to guide users along the way
  • Predefined call-bridge numbers users can easily access using a unique conference code
  • Ability to double-click on a recipient’s name to see other attributes about them

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