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Businesses today are faced with an unprecedented number of human-made events and natural disasters that threaten business continuity and employee and public safety. Send Word Now’s award-winning solution was developed for such circumstances.

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Effective event resolution through clear notification and alerting

Fast and accurate communication
Send Word Now is a SaaS solution with a complete web-based interface for rapid alerting.
Poll and track responses in real-time
Gather data using simple surveys with yes/no options and personalized text responses if enabled.
Targeting messages to the right contacts
Target alerts to only the people impacted by a specific event, down to the specific floor of a building.

Major Academic Medical Center

Send Word Now Helps Manage Campus-Wide Crises

When a campus-wide computer virus threatened this major medical center, the security team utilized Send Word Now to quickly communicate with affected users, while activating their IT department to resolve on the issue.

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Send Word Now Alerting Service

Whether sending emergency updates to employees during a crisis, mobilizing specific teams to address an operational issue, or generating customer alerts, the Send Word Now solution addresses your notification requirements.

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Deliver multi-lingual notifications
Languages include English, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian and more.
Capture attention with desktop alerts
Quickly engage with busy employees with desktop pop-up alerts.
Add notification to internal systems
Integrate notifications with your existing systems by using the API or command line option.

Carnival Group brands, P&O Cruises and Cunard Line

Carnival use Send Word Now for employee accountability following Typhoon Haiyan

“We needed the ability to reach a large number of our crew and their families, across multiple channels,” said Andrew Baldwin, CARE and Customer Change Manager for P&O Cruises and Cunard Line. “Send Word Now provides us that opportunity.”

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OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile

SMS deliverability can be uncertain in many parts of the world. With OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile, organizations utilize Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, allowing users to bypass telephony carriers and SMS gateways to communicate directly over available data connection.

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Use flexible SMS alternative
Send messages through mobile messenger and eliminate problems associated with SMS.
Review and approve alerts
Implement approval workflows to reduce human error and ensure accurate alerts are sent.
Use geo-location
Launch geo-targeted information from your smartphone to multiple devices.

Boston University

Send Word Now brings streamlined security to Boston University

With the Send Word Now solution, Boston University can provide important alerts and updates to 46,000 students, faculty and administration to address urgent issues such as an active shooter, severe weather, cyber attacks and more.

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Web Services APIs

Send Word Now’s Web Services API enables easy integration between all types of third-party applications to connect notification capabilities with your internal systems. The Web Services API are based on XML and SOAP standards, allowing integrations with business continuity planning, incident management and workforce management tools.

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Automate messaging
Alerts are generated and delivered automatically as events occur so no human action or intervention is required.
Provide actionable instructions
Send specific call-to-action instructions like “shelter-in-place” for people to follow.
Customize to your business needs
Design various types of alerts to be sent with response options and CTAs based on the event.

WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines efficient communication with Send Word Now

After WestJet Airlines added 900 new employees, the leadership team realized they not only needed a way to collect and monitor responses, but maintain contact data. The answer lay with Send Word Now.

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Weather & Events

Severe weather and civil emergencies can have far-reaching effects on business operations and employee safety. With Send Word Now’s Weather & Events, organizations can set up automated alerts based on weather conditions in specific locations.

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Add notification technology
Easily add alert functionality to your new, legacy or custom-built solutions.
Maintain data integrity
Automatically update your master database to ensure contact information is always up to date and in sync with critical systems (BC tools, badging systems, etc.)

Exceptional Customer Support

We have your back with personalized customer support.

Emergencies and other events that impact lives can occur at any time and don’t adhere to normal business hours. The dedicated Send Word Now support team is available to help customers send notifications, ensuring that critical alerts are delivered when it matters most. Every support expert has been thoroughly trained on all aspects of the Send Word Now solution.

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