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Powering Emergency Communications and Mass Notifications

Businesses today are faced with an unprecedented number of man-made events and natural disasters that pose a significant risk to business continuity, as well as employee and public safety. When these events occur, people look to businesses and government agencies for immediate information on how to prepare or respond.

Effective Event Resolution Through Clear Notification and Alerting

The success of any communication and emergency management plan requires fast, accurate communication and the collection of responses from key stakeholders. Communication ignites action. But how can an organization be sure the right people get the information they need to stay safe and productive when faced with a crisis? Send Word Now provides the answer. Using this award-winning, emergency alerting and mass notification platform from OnSolve, any type of message can be sent securely to any device globally.

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Always Be Ready with Send Word Now

The award-winning Send Word Now notification system is proven to help organizations worldwide improve readiness, response and recovery through better communication. Within seconds and from any location, you can send voice, text, email, desktop and other alerts to any audience. Just as important, you can get word back to determine crucial next steps, or assess if people are safe and out of danger.

OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile

Short Message Service (SMS) deliverability can be uncertain in many parts of the world.

OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile is a unique, dedicated mobile app for alert recipients. The app utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, which allows users to bypass telephony carriers and SMS gateways to communicate directly over any available data connection. While traditional message delivery options are still important, OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile provides an unprecedented new, secure and resilient way to engage recipients anytime, anywhere.

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Alerting Service

In urgent situations, people need information to take appropriate actions quickly.

Whether sending emergency updates to employees during a crisis, mobilizing specific teams to address an operational issue, or generating customer alerts as part of an important business process, the Send Word Now Alerting Service addresses all notification requirements. Through this Alerting Service, administrators can communicate the necessary details in a rapid, consistent and secure way with little manual effort.
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Desktop Alerting

Sending urgent information and instructions directly to employee’s desktops.

The Send Word Now’s Desktop Alerting service helps ensure message delivery through “pop-up” alerts pushed directly to employee’s desktops, interrupting on-screen work by displaying in front of any open applications. Desktop Alerting is a fully integrated option to Send Word Now’s Alerting Service that can be used as a standalone notification method or in conjunction with other device types.

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Web Services APIs

Through integrations, 3rd-party applications provide even more value.

The Send Word Now Web Services APIs enable easy, seamless integration between all types of 3rd-party applications and the Send Word Now Alerting Service. The Web Services APIs are based on XML and SOAP standards, allowing for the integration of technology solutions used for things like business continuity planning, incident management, and workforce management.
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Mobile Services and Initiator Application

Administrators don’t always have access to a computer when notifications must be sent.

The Send Word Now mobile initiator application provides iPhone® and Android® users with complete access to the alerting and notification functionality. No matter the location, administrators can access a Send Word Now account via a smartphone to share critical information with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
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Self-Registration Portal

Entering and maintain contact data can be simple.

Send Word Now’s Self-Registration Portal is a powerful tool that facilitates data entry by message recipients. The tool enables users to maintain their contact information within a single, secure portal. Using the site, they can update their contact information at any time, ensuring critical notifications reach them when needed.

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Weather & Events

Severe weather and civil emergencies can have far-reaching effects on business operations and employee safety.

Send Word Now’s Weather & Events feature is a subscription-based service that allows organizations to set up automated, system-generated alerts based on weather conditions in specific locations. Weather & Events is powered by The Weather Company®, a highly popular and reliable source for live weather data. This fine-grained data (targeted with more precision than zip codes) enables Weather & Events to provide more alerts with data from additional sources. Now that’s impressive.

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IVR Designer

Enabling people to call a number and hear general recorded messages or retrieve individual alerts.

The Send Word Now IVR Designer enables the creation of a unique inbound caller menu to provide access to both general and individual alert details. The easy drag-and-drop online tool allows for customized call flow interactions and user experiences. Such flexibility ensures callers get the precise information they need without frustration and wasted time.

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Send Word Now offers the easiest, most reliable and most secure mass notification system on the market. Offering a 100% Uptime Guarantee as part of our robust service level agreement, Send Word Now gives you more confidence, better results and greater peace of mind.

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