Send Word Now Self-Registration Portal

Making recipient data management simple and easy

Accurate Data for Successful Notification Delivery

The Send Word Now Self-Registration Portal is a powerful tool for recipient data entry and maintenance. Using the portal, recipients simply create a password and enter their contact information into their account, including phone numbers and email addresses, as well as messaging preferences. Recipients also can update their contact information at any time—or when instructed to do so. The portal can be customized for branding, so recipients are in a web environment that is familiar.

Send Word Now Self-Registration Portal Capabilities

  • Reduce administrative work by allowing contacts to maintain their own data
  • Ensure message delivery through accurate, current recipient data
  • Allow recipients to opt-in/opt-out of receiving non-critical alerts
  • Enable recipients to join alerting groups
  • Provide input for the portal’s appearance
  • Customize the views and fields visible
  • Restrict portal access to authorized domains (as an added level of security)

Providing Emergency Communications for the World’s Leading Brands