Send Word Now Web Services APIs

Contact Management and Alerting Through Integration with 3rd-party Applications

Enhanced Business Continuity Through Integration

The Send Word Now Web Services APIs enable companies to easily integrate the award-winning alerting service with other 3rd-party. The Web Services APIs are XML and SOAP based, which allows for the easy integration of the alerting service with applications used for business continuity planning, incident management, and workforce management. These integrations make things like adding, updating, and deleting contact, as well as trigger IT, facility, and customer alerts, extremely easy.

Empowering Communication by Connecting to the Send Word Now Alerting Service

  • Create update, and delete contacts and groups
  • Retrieve contact information, group membership lists, and summaries
  • Determine whether a contact exists in the account
  • Determine whether a contact exists in the group(s)
  • Synchronize data at configurable time intervals
  • Maintain an organization’s existing business practices
  • Send emergency or routine notifications
  • Receive notification results for specific recipients or alerts (current and historical)
  • Use Get Word Back for message receipt confirmation

Providing Emergency Communications for the World’s Leading Brands