Risk Intelligence with Stabilitas

Increase business resilience with fast, accurate critical event intelligence.

Clear sight into critical events

A clear line of sight into critical events

Global pandemics, civil unrest, natural disasters — the landscape and scope of events that impact your organization is ever-changing, growing and complex. But what if you could get real-time actionable intelligence from a global network of validated and verified data sources that provides us comprehensive worldwide coverage of events that impact your people, assets, facilities, supply chain, customers, and even competitors? Risk intelligence from OnSolve identifies up to 300,000 critical events each day and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence directly related to the things that matter to you, giving your organization the power to confidently make more informed decisions helping your organization save time, money, and lives.

Leverage enhanced risk intelligence

Get real-time, actionable intelligence to ensure the right people, have the right information, at the right time to confidently take decisive action leading to positive outcomes. The OnSolve Critical Event Management platform powered by Stabilitas AI provides real-time, comprehensive risk intelligence, travel risk management, proactive supply chain management, executive protection, and other use cases.

Multi-channel alerting
Receive critical event notifications via the Stabilitas dashboard, email, text, and mobile application.
Data visualization dashboard
Your dashboard is your control center, complete with dynamic maps of critical events, your facilities, logistics and real-time personnel movements.
Destination Research Portal
View summarized pre-travel advice for any country, travel advisories, country risk ratings and recent incident reports.
Mobile Risk Intelligence Application
Outfit your workforce with a secure mobile application that provides risk intelligence alerts based on their location and the ability to ask for assistance with the touch of a button.

Actionable intelligence saves time, money, and lives

Natural, mechanical, and man-made disasters put lives in danger and cost organizations billions of dollars every year. And with the scope, scale and volume of data sky-rocketing, intelligence gathering is more challenging than ever. Our risk intelligence solution delivers fast, accurate, actionable threat intelligence your organization can leverage to safe-guard lives and ensure business continuity.

Unparalleled Speed
Get quick access to relevant details on event type, severity, location and other details — faster than traditional one-dimensional monitoring so you can alert employees, reroute assets in transit and take immediate action while an event is happening.

Comprehensive Coverage
Data from a global network of validated and verified data sources, including social media, news sources, sensor networks, government resources and proprietary data feeds is continuously analyzed. This automated intelligence pipeline gives you the advantage of knowing what events might affect your people, facilities and operations.

High Accuracy
Highly accurate alerts created from structured and unstructured data using AI trained to identify contextual clues, like time, location and event type.

Actionable Intelligence
The fast, accurate and complete critical event data is connected with your organization’s data so you have only the intelligence on events that affect your people and assets. You’ll have a clear operating picture to achieve better financial, operations and safety results with the ability to anticipate risks to your business through real-time intelligence and the ability to predict most likely scenarios base don prior events.