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Large or small, serious or minor, incidents that need response, resolution and documentation occur today with increasing regularity.  And the frequency isn’t the only thing that’s increasing.  So is the pressure to report and resolve events quickly. Email is no longer adequate for incident communication.

At the core of all good incident management? Thoughtful planning, transparent collaboration, and rapid incident communication among key participants. OnSolve has your back with the tools that enable you to manage all types of incidents – from IT notification to natural disasters and workplace violence.

The Evolution of Incident Management

As organizations face an increase in the number and variety of threats (both natural and man-made), a broader approach to incident management and response is needed.  While “incident response” used to be a term that referred mostly to IT crisis management, today it is inclusive of plans and processes to anticipate and mitigate risk from incidents ranging from severe weather to workplace violence and terrorism.

Whatever their origin, these unplanned critical events require organizations to be prepared to respond quickly and accurately, with incident communication at the core of the response plan.

That’s what OnSolve incident notification platforms provide – a simple, fast way to communicate information and instructions that mitigate the risk in any type of critical incident.

Reliably send messages anywhere
OnSolve is a SaaS solution with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface.

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Manage contact information
Managing contact information is simple through a self-registration and update portal.

Target alerts with Geo-location
Send notifications to only the regions impacted by a specific event, down to a specific address, for targeted incident communication.

IT Notification

As organizational network infrastructure becomes progressively more complex, it becomes time consuming for IT professionals to monitor and perform maintenance. Nevertheless, a failure to do so can have disastrous consequences, ranging from downtime to complete network failure. Additionally, information security incidents such as a ransomware or other cybersecurity attacks can cause significant disruption and business losses.

Especially when integrated with tools such as Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) software (e.g., ServiceNow) IT notification solutions from OnSolve are powerful tools for defending your network against incidents and outages.  IT notifications provide the most efficient way for discovering and resolving issues before they become destructive.

Case Study

Guardian Life Insurance helps employees stay productive in spite of disrupted commute.

Large national insurance carrier uses mass notification to make employees lives easier when public transit repairs threaten to make the workday commute a grind.

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Features that Put You in Control

Mobile device screenshot of Event Summary feature in OnSolve software

EventStream is module within OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile that allows users to create and monitor an incident directly from their mobile device. With EventStream, organizations can streamline the process of handling situations, such as:

  • IT incident or cyber-attack
  • Security breach
  • Evacuation test drills
  • Severe weather events
  • Workplace accidents
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Utility crisis coordination