OnSolve Integrates to Critical Business Systems

Easily tying together each solution to enable mass notification and alerting

Secure Mass Notification in 3rd-Party Applications

Today, businesses rely on a variety of different technology tools and the ability to integrate them easily enhances each system to provide even greater benefit. These integrations bring key feature to solutions that may not be native from the vendor and enable businesses to always choose best-of-breed solutions for each use cases.

The MIR3Send Word Now, and CodeRED solutions from OnSolve, provide several different options for integrating mass notification and IT alerting capabilities into other business systems. Using these features, even businesses with the most complex set of systems and tools can improve customer satisfaction, partner interactions and employee awareness.

Complete APIs for Self Service Integrations

For many use cases, businesses prefer to build their own integrations between different solutions. OnSolve offers a complete set of highly-flexible APIs that our customers can use to easily bring OnSolve functionality into their other business solutions.

Pre-Built for Common Business Applications

Many different solutions have become common for supporting business operations, particularly within specific industries. Pre-built integrations for solutions like ServiceNow, IPAWS, IP phones, and more enable companies to easily integrate with solutions they already have in place.

OnSolve Open Notification Express

The OnSolve Open Notification Express (ONE) provides organizations with the ability to automatically initiate notifications based on pre-defined scenarios to specific groups using a pass-through source integration. Allowing customers to define situations that put their organization at risk, decide what notification protocol is necessary and trigger those notifications without human involvement.

Direct Data Uploads

One of the fastest, simplest ways to integrate systems and get mass notification capabilities to key audiences is directly uploading data from one system into the alerting platform. Sharing this information directly enables businesses to begin sending notifications to important lists of customers, partners, and employees immediately.

UNOS Leverages Send Word Now APIs

For the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), matching donated organs with potential recipients as quickly as possible is key. See how UNOS is using the Send Word Now APIs to help simplify and expedite this process in their effort to save lives and improve quality of life for sick individuals.

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