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The level to which companies today rely on technology and complex systems continues to expand every day. Ensuring that all systems continue running smoothly is one of the most important jobs IT and operations has. Fast, reliable communication and alerting when a key system breaks is critical in continuing operations and OnSolve offers the IT alerting and notification solutions needed to coordinate teams and keep any audience up-to-date.

In addition to the complexity of managing numerous technology tools and systems, IT and operations teams must be able to maintain the connections and inter dependencies between each of these solutions. The complex operating environments where these systems work together can break easily if just one piece of the overall system architecture is impacted. Fixing this single point of interruption quickly can make the difference between a minor issue and a complex failure of the entire organization.

Ontario Manages the Systems Used by 68,000 Employees

Managing the systems that help 68,000 employees from the Ontario Ministry of Government is critical to keeping services running at all times. Send Word Now enables the Ministry’s IT Service Desk to ensure everyone has the details needed on any system interruptions or other issues.

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Selecting an IT Alerting solution capable of managing all different use cases is a complex process. The Best Practices in Using Notification Systems white paper from OnSolve explains key aspects of system selection and implementation of any IT alerting and notification system.

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