Enabling Mobile Work Forces with OnSolve

Globalization with complete data and cellular coverage makes information sharing simple

Global, Secure Multi-Format Mass Notification

The availability of cellular networks and low-cost data connectivity is enabling companies of all sizes to do business on a local, national, or international scale with truly mobile work forces. In many cases, employees may go months or years without working in a dedicated office, while still needing access to all the same systems and resources.

Through the Send Word Now and MIR3 solutions from OnSolve, mobile employees gain immediate awareness of critical events or system issues that may impact their ability to work effectively. Also, these solutions play a key role in helping keep these mobile workers safe and secure by providing emergency notifications when natural disasters or man-made events threaten their safety.

OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile

Through OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile, an exclusive mobile app from Send Word Now, contacts can easily receive messages anywhere. Using the app (available for Android® and iPhone®), mobile workers gain access to critical business information, as well as timely alerts fostering personal safety and security.

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Send Word Now Initiator Application

The complete power of Send Word Now for recipients is available in a unique mobile application for iPhone® and Android®. No matter where you are, you can access your Send Word Now account via your smartphone to receive key updates and send crucial feedback.

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MIR3 Mobility Solutions

Through MIR3 Mobile administers can manage their complete account and send key messages through simple, predefined templates. The solution also enables users to see recipient information, as well as reports on past mass notifications and alerts.

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Westjet leverages mobile alerting through Send Word Now

Airlines have incredibly complex operating requirements with numerous technology- and employee-centric tools that all must work in concert. Explore how WestJet utilizes the Send Word Now mobile application to easily communicate critical updates to a highly distributed audience.

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University of California Sends Mobile Alerts with MIR3

Universities are some of the most active and mobile environments. Students, teachers, faculty and visitors are constantly in motion and in need of access to information ranging from simple facility updates to active shooter alerts. The MIR3 solution from OnSolve ensures important information is sent to all relevant stakeholders, whether they are on- or off-campus.

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