5 Ways Property Management Companies Are Embracing Business Continuity Communications

When we think of business continuity, we often think of large enterprises, hospitals and other obvious businesses. But with natural disasters on the rise—and their associated price tags continuing to increase—more property management companies are prioritizing critical communications as a means of bolstering business continuity.

When you’re responsible for multiple properties and a large number of people, staying on top of everything is a challenge. By utilizing a critical communications product, such as a mass notification system (MNS), to streamline communications during emergencies and for routine situations, property managers can ensure that all residents, staff, contractors and other occupants are informed and safe.

Here are five ways property management companies are embracing business continuity communications.

1. Send Emergency Alerts

Resident safety is a top priority in property management. Whether it’s an update on the pandemic, an incoming severe weather warning or a notice of an increase in crime in a certain area of the property, you need a means of keeping everyone informed in real time.

For example, if there’s a snowstorm on the way, you may need to advise residents to drip the faucets to avoid frozen pipes. If a property is in the path of a hurricane, residents may need to board up the windows and/or evacuate. Failure to notify residents during emergency situations jeopardizes not only their health and safety, but also the security of your property and the reputation of your management company.

2. Automate Rent Reminders

Many property managers waste a lot of time tracking down overdue rent, while residents rack up hefty late fees. Critical communications can save many headaches for property managers — and money for residents — by enabling automatic rent reminders to be sent.

You also have the option to send out messages offering incentives for consistent on-time payments, which can contribute nicely to your bottom line — and help foster a positive relationship with residents.

3. Deliver Maintenance Notices

When something stops working, residents are likely to expect a fast repair, especially when the item is something like an air conditioner that dies mid-summer.

A mass notification system is especially useful for properties with common spaces. For example, if the elevator is out of order or the main entrance is under construction, the residents who regularly go through those areas to get to their apartments will want to be notified immediately when the repairs are completed so they can resume their regular paths into their homes.

There are ongoing COVID-related concerns over the safety of bringing workers back onto properties. To the extent you can automate, (i.e., avoid having to deliver paper notices in person), you stand a better chance of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

4. Increase Engagement

If you’re holding an event, you want it to be well-attended, whether that means virtually or face-to-face. A critical communications system allows you to send event reminders, which can increase attendance, as well as make sure everyone’s prepared. For example, if you’re holding a food or clothing drive, a mass notification system can be used to tell everyone what kind of items to bring and where and when to drop them off.

Another bonus? When residents feel like they’re part of a community, they’re more likely to renew their leases.

5. Ask for Feedback

As a property manager, it’s important to consistently ask, “What can we do better?” Manually sending out feedback requests can take time, and many residents may feel uncomfortable raising issues in a traditional paper format. A critical communications or mass notification system offers a convenient alternative. By providing a variety of options, you have a greater likelihood of receiving usable feedback.

Surveys and polls can also be useful when you want to gather consensus for a decision that will affect the entire community (for example, if you’re considering remodeling the recreation center or painting the building).

Business continuity communications solutions have the power to transform your operations by helping keep all of your people safe, informed and engaged, while improving resident retention and, ultimately, your bottom line. Request a free trial today to learn more.


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