How College Campuses Can Overcome Emergency Alerting Challenges

Today it seems as though you can’t turn on the news without hearing about a mass shooting or other alarming event. It’s more important than ever before that colleges are able to overcome the difficulties they’re having with large-scale alerting and develop a proactive mechanism for staying in touch with parents, students, faculty and staff members.

Creating an Always-On Alert Strategy

When an incident occurs, you don't have time to spend scrambling to figure out your communications strategy. It's crucial that you have a solution in place that allows you to contact your community in a matter of minutes -- and that the messages are received on all available platforms. If a portion of your audience prefers to receive messages via email, while others have a fondness for text messaging, your alerting platform can help navigate the various options. Cloud-based communications help improve the resiliency and trust level within your organization, as you can encourage all of your community to register to receive messages in their favorite delivery method. Delivering accurate, timely alerts can help your staff members control a precarious situation or quickly route students away from natural disasters or other events. 

Messaging Your Audience Will Listen To

It's probably not possible to come up with pre-built messages for every potential application, but there are some key situations where you may want to define the messaging options in advance of the incident. With OnSolve's free arsenal of prepared message templates, you're a step ahead of the curve -- and you may even find some situations to consider that were not already on your radar. From emergency alerts to routine communications, OnSolve's easy to use platform allows your operations and leadership team to release the right information to the right person quickly and easily. Need to alert the residents of a specific dorm that they're having a fire drill? No problem! You can set up separate data points to help segment your audience and ensure that messages are delivered and read.

With OnSolve on your side, you can be confident that your urgent alert needs are fully supported both now and in the future. New communication channels become important all the time, and the staff at OnSolve is committed to providing a fast, responsive platform that allows you to trigger alerts with a minimum of stress and time required. Contact us today at 866-939-0911 or you can request a demo online anytime. 


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