Accelerate Crisis Response with Risk Intelligence

Identify and respond quickly when lives and business assets are threatened.

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Timely intelligence for better outcomes

What if your organization had a clear line of sight into the potential impacts of hurricanes, IT outages, cyber attacks, active shooters and other critical events? AI-powered risk intelligence for crisis response from OnSolve continuously monitors tens of thousands of global data sources and tracks over 50 classes of events. It identifies up to 300,000 critical events each day and filters through the noise to identify only the events that will impact your business so you can protect people and safeguard assets.

Take control with comprehensive risk intelligence solutions for business

Continuously monitor structured and unstructured data from social media, local and regional news, sensor networks, government resources, and proprietary data feeds.
Gain quick access to details on event type, severity, location, and other details relevant to your business.
Receive information from disparate data sources aligned into a single alert and updated in real-time.
Remain confident in the accuracy of alerts with AI trained to identify contextual clues, like time, location and event type.

4 Reasons to Adopt AI-Powered Risk Intelligence Now

Learn how your organization can use AI-powered risk intelligence to make faster, better decisions during chaotic situations.

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Don’t let data chaos stop your business in its tracks

Intelligence gathering in today’s world is not what it used to be. The sheer scope, scale and volume of available data makes it impossible to use traditional, manual methods to gather meaningful and actionable intelligence. And with the frequency and magnitude of natural, man-made and mechanical critical events increasing and causing organizations to lose several billion dollars annually, your business can’t afford to get lost in the data chaos. Risk intelligence applications from OnSolve use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable you to take command of the chaos and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Receive alerts any time, anywhere
Multichannel alerting lets you receive critical event notifications via the Stabilitas dashboard, email, text, and mobile application.

See and understand data easily
Your dashboard is your control center, complete with dynamic maps of critical events, your facilities, logistics and real-time personnel movements.

As volumes of data from a wide range of sources increase exponentially, ensure your organization never misses critical information due to inefficient, manual analysis.