What Is Risk Intelligence?

Business risk intelligence solutions provide proactive and continuous monitoring of global data sources using artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately detect existing critical events as well as information on potential threats. This capability directly helps organizations take informed action to better protect people, places and property from these critical events.

Why Is Risk Intelligence Important?

Risk intelligence detects relevant critical events rapidly, giving organizations the time they need to mitigate risk and strengthen organizational resilience. When you’re able to receive the right information at the right time, you can take action to prevent damages, achieve better outcomes and improve your overall bottom line.

When driven by artificial intelligence, a business risk intelligence system helps analysts be more efficient by automatically filtering out the noise of extraneous data. Risk intelligence can continuously monitor thousands of global data sources to systematically identify specific events, determine if those events will impact an organization’s people, places or property, and then communicate the details of the critical event to those who need to make informed decisions.

Remember – prevention is always more effective than a cure. While it’s impossible to predict the future, accurate information in advance means there will be fewer pieces to pick up in the long run, and a shorter time to reassemble them. With risk intelligence, you can get back to business faster while saving time, money and effort.

What Can You Do with Risk Intelligence?

Risk intelligence powered by AI gives you a formidable arsenal to wield against threats of all shapes and sizes. Here’s how:

  • Filter the categories and types of threats pertinent to your organization, as well as the areas containing people, places and property that you want to protect.
  • Fine tune settings to determine the distance between your people/assets and an incident that would trigger an alert.
  • Inform stakeholders with automated communications via email, text or mobile app that target the people impacted by a given critical event.
  • Group critical event information from multiple sources for a detailed picture of the impact.
  • Refine results with additional filtering and noise reduction to maximize the efficiency of the solution.
  • Respond with built-in severity levels that determine whether a critical event warrants enacting response plans and sending alerts.

Learn more about how to get started here.

What Kind of Protection Does Risk Intelligence Provide?

When it comes to protecting your people, places and property throughout the lifecycle of your business, risk intelligence is the agile and adaptable solution. It gives you a measurable advantage in securing your most valuable resources, including:

  • Fixed Assets: Offices, warehouses, production facilities, suppliers
  • Assets in Motion: Trucks, post-production inventory, delivery fulfillment
  • People in Motion: Travelers, expats, remote employees working from home and other locations
  • Supply Chain: Business continuity processes and operations
  • Executives: Your C-suite and their security teams who need real-time intelligence about adverse events

How Can Risk Intelligence Enhance Travel Risk Management?

Travel Risk Management (TRM) addresses risk, response and support for organizations that want to ensure they’re fulfilling their duty of care responsibilities to their employees in the field. With TRM, organizations can:

  • Know What’s Happening Sooner: AI recognizes over 50 types of threats and delivers fast, relevant alerts that help identify risks near your travelers.
  • Leverage Pre-travel Destination Research and Approvals: Receive detailed reports by city, country, region and local area to assess potential risks and support a streamlined approvals process.
  • Monitor and Alert with Confidence: Provide travelers with detailed destination reports and automatic alerts throughout their journey while also giving them control over their privacy.
  • Respond Without Hesitation: Stay in touch with travelers via two-way communications and enact response plans with medical and security support.

What Are the Benefits of Risk Intelligence?

AI-driven risk intelligence refined by data scientists is far superior to traditional risk intelligence solutions that are driven by human-only analysis. A business risk intelligence system with AI supports the key role human analysts play by identifying the areas where they should focus. This combination is a far superior solution for ingesting, isolating and quickly identifying critical events.

Analysts benefit from:

  • Continuous monitoring of global human-validated data sources
  • Automated critical event detection with classification of more than 50 event types
  • Geo-targeted alerting via web, email and mobile app
  • Critical event data clustering that creates a comprehensive event profile
  • Actionable intelligence to inform business-critical actions
  • Expedited critical event response and risk mitigation

In addition, AI-powered risk intelligence helps organizations fulfill their duty-of-care obligations. With the right information at the right time, they can protect employees whether they’re in the office or on the road, as well as support enterprise-level goals and objectives.

  • Retain Top Talent: Show employees their safety is an organizational priority by delivering risk information that’s relevant to their location.
  • Drive Business Value: Simplify travel with streamlined delivery of up-to-date risk information to enhance productivity and realize better business outcomes.
  • Reduce Risk: Avoid legal liability and the reputational consequences of noncompliance with duty-of-care laws.

4 Reasons to Adopt AI-Powered Risk Intelligence Now

Successful critical event management relies on accurate risk intelligence. Gain confidence in knowing you have reliable information that will consistently improve your decision-making process.

Why Use Risk Intelligence from OnSolve?

By applying the expertise of our team of data scientists in combination with thorough source validation and constant AI engine analysis, The OnSolve Risk Intelligence system delivers unmatched speed, accuracy and relevance. When a crisis strikes, you’re ready.


Scan a myriad of human-validated global data sources continuously, including more than 50 classes of events, with the ability to rapidly notify stakeholders all over the world.


Filter out noise and deliver actionable intelligence about events that directly impact your organization.


Simplify processes for building alert triggers with predefined, organization-specific criteria. A streamlined, user-friendly design reduces onboarding time, even under the most strenuous conditions.

What Sets OnSolve Risk Intelligence Apart?

Actionable Intelligence. Faster Response.

Contextual Artificial Intelligence

AI creates constant event monitoring and detection and initiates context-driven alerts specific to an organization’s people, places and property, expediting action in the event of a crisis. The AI and machine learning algorithms are continuously refined to ensure continual improvement to meet the needs of customers.

Human-validated, Trusted Data Sources

Credible data sources are crucial to speeding up the identification and management of a critical event. Thousands of structured and unstructured global data sources are individually assessed by data scientists and precisely leveraged. This enables more accurate detection of threats tied to your particular assets. Data is collected from trusted global sources including the CDC, World Health Organization, National Weather Service, BBC, the FBI, and governments around the globe, as well as a broad range of national and local TV stations, radio, newspapers and community sources.

Dynamic Visualization and Customization

Visualization features give you a comprehensive picture of impact based on custom filters and advanced asset tracking. This picture automatically evolves as critical events unfold. You can view the most up-to-date and relevant information, specific to the issues that matter most to your organization, with extraneous data automatically filtered out. The rules, filters and data sources are fine-tuned for each organization, so the accuracy and speed of the system improves constantly. This means value and efficiency are maximized from the start and guaranteed to grow over time.