Real-Time Severe Weather Alerts and Emergency Notification System for Businesses

Real-time, precisely targeted notifications inform and protect your employees, property and assets during critical events.

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Be prepared for unexpected threats with civil emergency alerts

Weather conditions and emergency events can pivot in a matter of minutes – even seconds. OnSolve Weather & Events is ideal for response team mobilization, employee accountability and disaster recovery situations.

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Communicate before, during and after an event

Protect assets
Communicating faster and more effectively can better prepare your organization during severe weather and civil emergencies.
Automate messaging
Alerts are generated and delivered automatically as events occur, so no human action or intervention is required.
Send geo-targeted alerts
Quickly send alerts to targeted recipients and receive rapid responses regarding availability.

Immediate, location-based alerting to those potentially in harm’s way.

Organizations ability to react and communicate with their workforce when an incident occurs can have a major impact on your people, assets and business continuity. OnSolve’s Weather & Events feature is powered by The Weather Company®, a reliable source for live weather data.

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Provide actionable instructions
Send specific call-to-action instructions like “shelter-in-place” for people to follow using severe weather alerting solutions.
Create multiple profiles
Monitor different weather conditions or civil emergencies through multiple profiles.
Customize to unique business needs
Using our enterprise emergency notification system, you can design various types of alerts to be sent with response options and CTAs based on the event.